Calculated lies to smear; Atiku did not take new wife in Dubai, his son did


There have been rumors making the rounds across social media platforms that former Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar took a new wife last Saturday in Dubai where he paid the sum of $1,000,000 as dowry. This is quite unfortunate and a misinformation.

This is a calculated lies and propaganda meant to run down a potentially deep rooted opposition that Atiku has proved to be in the coming election.

Ohafiatv gathered in a Press Conference by chief Dr Emeka Kalu (ECK) Director General of Atikulated Agenda 2019 that last weekend, His Excellency added a daughter-in-law to his family as his son took a wife which event took place in Dubai. In order words, His Excellency did not take a wife as alleged by his detractors.

Nigerians should make efforts to get quality information and stop settling for roadside media hypes that project falsehood and PHD Syndrome.

It is worrisome that popular bloggers like, Linda Ikeji, NaijCom, etc have this news with live images of the event without bordering to apply the professional ethic of investigative journalism, rather than spreading lies.

For the records, popular Nigerian entertainers and senators like Ben Murray Bruce were in attendance, and therefore it was nothing done in secrecy.

Then, one begins to wonder why people will chose to sale petty lies to score cheap political goals or is it about the drive for traffic?.

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While detractors continue to play out their character-assassinating antics, it is proper that well-meaning Nigerians, who have seen the goodwill Nigeria will earn if Atiku Abubakar becomes successful in 2019 election, to embark on massive campaign in mobilizing, supporting and getting ready to vote for Atiku in the 2019 presidential election as it is well believed that by the grace of God, People Democratic Party (PDP) will react to the peoples’ cry and hand the presidential flag to Atiku.


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