By Mary Thompson – Okereke 

Is cattle rearing a government business? Do herdsmen pay royalties to the government? Do they generate revenue to the government coffer? If the answers to these rhetorics are given the monosyllabic ‘No’, then we have no business giving herdsmen a national recognition. For God’s sake, the yam producers, cocoa producers, oil marketers and rice producers are all there languishing in penury due to the mayhem orchestrated by this political sacrilege called “Herdsmen” on their businesses and we are here celebrating rebels.

It is a convoluted conspiracy to feign ignorance over national issues that bothers on our collective interest as people. It’s unpatriotic to be silent when the ambience of peace that has enabled us coexisted for years is being strangulated on the altar of mediocrity, ethnic bigotry, unconstitutionality and sectional discrimination.

It’s repulsive to pick any Nigerian dailies without sighting the word “herdsmen” as a major headline and my challenge is, why have we prioritized trivialities over sensitivities? Is herdsmen a government business? Why do we have to release a whooping sum of N100b for Herdsmen when there are other private businesses dying a natural death? Why are we making Herdsmen mantra an “order of Niger”? Why are some Nigerians more Nigerianized than others?

It is insensitive to applaud a sect that has maimed, plundered, coerced the country into a near comatose, raided and chased farmers out of their farmlands and killing close to one third of the population in the name of fighting insecurity.There are better ways to do this for God’s sake. Is this a new edition or an upgraded version of amnesty? If yes, the people must indicate interest to cease fire first,of course that is the encyclopedic definition of amnesty- it is a state pardon on insurrection, mutiny or rebellion on remorsefulness.

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We must stop pampering terrorists when we have a standing army and a supposed judiciary where felony should be crucified and giving a final interment.

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