Chief Iko: My preoccupation is to push for better Abia State; not replying hirelings

Chief Chief Ndukwe Iko

Following series of media attacks that heralded his direct criticism of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration over delivery of leadership in the State, especially on the aspect of sustainable economic plans and infrastructural developments, the APC Chieftain, Chief Ndukwe Iko, who refused to react to a direct attack on his personality by some aides, has insisted that it is the collective responsibility of all Abia Stakeholders to support the government by pointing out gray areas yearning for improvement.

When OHAFIA-TV News tried to get his reaction in the wake of the verbal attacks coming from all directions, he said it was not necessary to know who and who attacked him because they’re lots of young people out there defending their daily bread at the detriment of the majority, even if it means selling their siblings they’ll do that. He said that the least you can do is keep ignoring them until they come of age to be able to discern between facts and fables.

According to Chief Iko: “A mentally challenged person who is naked would see the people around him dressed as naked and himself who is naked as okay. That is the nature of madness.

“If you tried to help him, he calls you the mad man. So you have to continue to help him because you are sane.

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“Abia must improve and that’s the mission. We are not losing focus until qualified youths are gainfully engaged, employed persons are paid as at when due, welfare of our aged is guaranteed, the people are really happy and secure and the progress of the society is predictable.

“Open your eyes and look with it, are you and your relatives satisfied with the lives you are living? If you’re directly favored by the government, is it affecting the people around you who are neither directly dependent on you nor the government to be able to measure life expectancy in the state? If No! Then what are we taking about?

“The government and leadership is the god we see in this matter and they must be held accountable. That is the fact and not the poor mad social media attack riff raffs rants.

“Ikpeazu is my friend and governor today and I table my dissatisfaction before him like I say it in the press. It’s not about PDP or APC, it’s about Abia State, her people and development. I can’t stop. It is about our collective destiny as Abians.

“The riff raffs defending bad leadership are social parasites and they must be ignored. They are selfishly looking for their daily bread”

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“Rather than remind the governor and his team that they are almost in the second half of a return march in which they have failed to score a goal. The parasites are there in self disillusion. They don’t know me, who I am and what I stand for but they will know soon” the phone conversation concluded.

Meanwhile, Chief Iko once again condemned the wanton destruction of government properties witnessed in the State in the name of EndSARS protest, saying that the hoodlums who are also youths are shooting themselves in the leg as they will be the ones to still bear the brunt of the attendant negative economic effect.

“Nobody grows by destroying what your government built for your own good. Those that destroyed government properties thinking they were hurting Ikpeazu are another set of mad people that should repent.

“The youths will still suffer the negative effects even long after Ikpeazu is out of power. Such actions should be condemned by every well meaning Abian”, he said.

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