Chief Kalu praises Cipriano Cassamá for taking the path of honour to resign as parallel president in RGB

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… calls on Domingos Simoes Pereira to tow the path of peace for good of the republic.

Following the protracted political impasse that has deepened in recent months in the country of Guinea Bissau as result of the outcome of their 29th December Presidential election that General Umaro Sisico Embalo was declared winner by the legitimate body for elections – the CNE. The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG) Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, has implored Domingos Simoes Pereira and his party PAIGC to tow the path of peace for the progress of his nation.

In a statement signed by his media and publicity aid, Comr Amos Kalu and made available to the press in Abuja. Chief Dr Kalu said he was concerned and praying that African leaders should not continue to embark on actions that will jeopardise the progress of their people where Africa is already considered a third world country, which is another name for a backward continent.

Recall that in show of strength and popularity of the PAIGC, Cipriano Cassamá was chosen by lawmakers under Aristides Gomes as parallel president following the DSP/PAIGC’s rejection of the declaration of Umaro Embalo as the winner of the election by the CNE, This was despite the fact that former army general Umaro Cissoko Embaló had already been sworn in as president in the capital, Bissau.

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“This is a situation I will consider to be unnecessary heating up of the polity and I am calling on Domingos Simoes Pereira and his supporter to sheath their sword for the sake of peace and progress of the country. 

“After election on 29th December, I was in Guinea Bissau with Umaro Sisooco Embalo 1st January, 2020 when Domingos called to congratulate him (USE) on phone only to rescind the brave action within 24 hours and that was when I knew that tough times lay ahead.

“But with this latest development that Cipriano Cassamá who was sworn in by PAIGC as parallel president has resigned, and Suzi Barbosa a chieftain of the PAIGC has taken up appointment with the new government of General Embalo, it is a sign that sanity has returned to the nation and I am encouraging DSP to do the needful by following his patriotic countrymen to work for the growth of the republic” Chief Kalu implored. 

In another development, Chief Kalu emphasized on the fact that PAIGC must not capitalize on the fact that they controlled all sectors of the Guinea Bissau government to endlessly hold unto power because change is constant in the existence of human beings on earth.

He therefore called on Aristides Gomes to remember his promise to resign if DSP lost, arguing that since it is clear that the national electoral commission said he won last December’s vote with 53.55% against Pereira’s 46.45%. Trying to revert that clear and established fact through the Supreme Court that is clearly partisan in favour of PAIGC and his candidate DSP, does not show patriotism.

“Mr Aristides Gomes should remember his promise to resign if DSP lose because holding onto power in the instances of clear evidence of defeat can only set the republic in further crisis. 

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“What Guinea Bissau need at this point in time is for her patriots to come together and and chart a way out of poverty, educational breakdown, backwardness and economic quagmire.

“Lastly, I call on Domingos Simoes Pereira to as a matter of national honour and patriotism lay down his arm and allow peace to return to his republic because choas or politcal instabiltiy is an evil wind that blows no nation any good no matter who is power”.

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