COVID-19: Benin Republic not ready to release inmates, disobeying UN orders

Patrice Talon

Human trafficking in Benin Republic Prisons, a shame to Africans

One of the traits that stepped human beings up in the family of homo sapiens is the capacity of higher brains which gives her the capability to reason differently from other animals. Take that away, you will see the animals in humans and any being that do not operate at this level of human reasoning is nonetheless, an animal.

At such time of this Coronavirus pandemic which has threatened and has continued to threaten the human existence to extent that Protocols has been breached by human conscience to alter some standing laws in effort to save humanity, some Africans have only but continued to concentrate on the economic aspect of their greedy exploits, not minding the effect on fellow human beings, even if it means putting their own lives at risk. This action in condemnable, wicked and inhuman and inimical to human existence.

OTVNews investigation reveals that while the United Nations found it sacrossnt to suspend most activities in her hands to face efforts at saving humanity against COVID-19, they instructed that for health reasons, every nation of the world, especially in Africa who depend on fund from United Nations to support inmates in their correctional facilities should release them unconditionally for the sake of both the inmates and the country, which is genuine concern for humanity.

While most African Countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana etc has done the needful and released inmates mounting to over hundreds of thousand across board, the Government of Benin Republic has refused to let go of her prisoners as a result of the premium and gain they’re still taking from United Nations per head of the inmates.

We therefore wish to put the world on notice, especially the United Nations and Africa Union of the these and danger being posed by this careless action of Benin Republic and we call on the relevant authorities to prevail on the government of Benin Republic to free their prisoners to save the world of possible outbreak from prisons that will pose catastrophic threat to humanity.

In our effort to unravel this, OTVNews investigation unveiled a wickedness that can only be classified as troubling.
We conducted research through contacts from within the prisons in Benin Republic and we made some staggering and worrisome discoveries that unravelled the actual reason why the inmates may never regain their freedom ever.

For the government of President Patrice Talon, it is not about correction and human beings, it is about human trafficking and economic advantage from UN that, the more prisoners you keep, the more money you make from keeping them.

This troubling revelation was made by and inmate, and this is more reason why we insist that United Nations and African Union must intervene to safe the world of another catastrophic pandemic.

What is the condition of your prison and why are you still being held against instruction from UN for countries to dicongest prisons to avoid Coronavirus pandemic in prisons?

INMATE: [04-08, 1:30 p.m.]
In Republic of Benin where Talon is their President, here have become a business center to them.
The director of prison cannot stand for the prisoners to solicit for the prisoners right, instead he wants to make sure every prisoner serve his sentence with hard labour by one way or the other especially in prison Civil Akpro Miserete which was built by ECOWAS.

In prison Miserete, a prisoner is forced to take care of his self by feeding, catering for your medications and other welfare without any prison right instead you will be the one to pay them to leave after serving your jail.

No paracetamol in the hospital not to talk of other better drugs.
The food they gave once in a day are mainly made for their pig they are breeding inside prison, so u don’t want to eat the food, don’t worry it was actually made for their pig as they always said.

All rights and benefits of the prisoners are being denied irrespective of your offence weather small or big. They take drugs from United nations, sell them to chemists so that if you get sick you will either go and buy drugs or die. A lot of people die here everyday because of conditions and others because you may not have money to feed or treat yourself in the prison.

[04-08, 1:33 p.m.]
All they can do was to build shops inside the prison and ban visitors and family not to visit you with any item because they won’t allowed it, just to make sure you bought it from their shop inside the prison in a very high price, weather u like it or not because you have no options.

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[04-08, 1:37 p.m.]
There is no place in the world where a prisoner serves complete calendar for his jail terms only in Benin republic 12 calendar months complete or even additional days before they can release you.

We are going through hell and Foreigners are dying of sickness and hunger here without help or hope.

The message ended.

We cannot continue to look away in the face of man wickedness to man. Benin Republic must be prevailed upon to release their prisons to help curtail the spread of Coronavirus and also save those dying in prison. United Nations and African Union should stop giving them money based on the inmates they have continued to pack up because this is a means of encouraging the business Benin Republic has turned their prisons into. Enough is enough.

Comr Amos Kalu, Abuja. Nigeria (Investigative Journalist)

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