Ekweremmadu’s Attack, The Lessons To Politicians In The Bad Omen

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I do not support evil in any form or shade, especially when it has to do with disprecting our elders because as Igbo, we are thought respect and it is our core value. So this attack must be condemned intoto.

But come to think of it, when IPOB began to agitate against injustice in civil and non violent manner, we clamped them down and designate them terrorists group before we think our words is the law, we tried very hard to kill their leader to bring an end to their existence and continue with the status quo.

When all these were going on, no leaders from any part of Nigeria mustered enough courage to tell BUHARI that herdsmen are the real terrorists and till today they are still roaming around and killing at will with no recourse and not repercussions, just on rampage and killing spree at will.

We believe in carrot and stick approach to all our problems because our almighty Buhari fancies it. The nation politicians became half men because Buhari is the Law and rule of law does not exist in Nigeria.

Over the years, the Nigeria policy of oppression against Southeast has driven them away from Nigeria and established them abroad and when they were clamped down on, they took refuge in the world to lie in wait for their oppressors in a clime that understands and obeys the rule of law unlike Nigeria.

If I may ask, all the causes of IPOB agitation before the clamp down, have they been addressed or have gone worse?

Clamping down and oppressing IPOB with collaboration of South East politicians even when Northern politicians never for one day condemn herdsmen, have it stopped them from killing? No! They are the misguided brothers that must be pampered and treated with care and love while IPOB are group of terrorists because they have their brains and the guts to challenge almighty Buhar.

Now the hen has come home to roost and we are shouting wolf. Can you push a man and tell him where to fall?

In order words, their effort to please BUHARI against their people’s interest will continue to backfire as we have experienced in this sorry situation that befall our illustrious son, Ekweremmadu. Even Buhari himself was sometime chased away from London by the same IPOB.

In as much as we prefer dealing with issues with sentiments and emotions in the face of staggering reality, the truth is, that is how bad Nigeria has become and it will get worse unless the virus eating Nigeria up is killed through Restructuring/Referendum.

You may clamp down on IPOB and call them whatever you chose like “Rag Tags, Touts, Terrorists, Mad Men, etc” the fact remains that they rule in over 88 Countries in the world while you their oppressor rule over one country – Nigeria.

Like I said earlier, I condemn the attack on Ekweremmadu, but the we must expect the worse. We created HELL in Nigeria so no one goes anywhere to enjoy. We must all rot in this hell – Together.

Comr. Amos Kalu (AFK)
Media Practitioner/Political Analyst.

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