EndSARS: Leaders Behind The Movement – A New Paradigm of Sustainable Socio-political Revolution.

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Simply put, a leader is one who has a controlling personality and influence over others. The police have statutory and constitutional obligations to enforce law and order for a better society. It was a sign of responsible leadership by the Nigerian Police to create a Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), to deal with rising crimes in the country.

Unfortunately, the SARS team chose a different unpopular mission of criminality with impunity fanned by an entitlement culture of stakeholder corruption and greed. The rights of Nigerian citizens were grossly violated. Decency was sacrificed at the altar of inexplicable brutality and despicable murder. Sooner than later, a Squad that was designed to guarantee safety and elucidate joy and peace for the nation became monstrous architects of sorrow for poor Nigerian families.

Over many years of corrupt leadership that have defaced the real meaning of nationhood, Nigerians have been wondering when their true messiah would come for redemption.

About 98% of the battered citizens have no access to good healthcare; the standard of education continues to slide backward with reckless abandon; our road networks are only beautiful on the architect’s blueprints. Graduates have no jobs; unemployment seems to be a new norm.

Poverty index is on a free fall. Nigerians helplessly watch their utilitarian professional politicians robbing them of their commonwealth and growing fatter and richer. Inflation is on the roof; the poor can hardly feed. Meanwhile, brothers and sisters that are supposed to be bound in freedom, peace and unity, are forced into barbarism by over-politicized religion and ethnic polarization. What a shame!

EndSARS protest was only a spontaneous parliament for the impoverished Nigerians to demand for immediate total change of their dehumanized plight through a forced street debate and eventual venting of their anger on their traitors.

In general, the ugly mood in the nation has aptly redefined SARS to mean STUPID AND ROTTEN SYSTEMS. Thus, everything bad in the Nigerian system is SARS.

  • Padding electric bills by community leaders for selfish gain is SARS
  • Sex for marks by University professors is SARS
  • Huge electric bills without steady electricity is SARS
  • Diverting money into private pockets without fixing our bad roads is SARS
  • Money meant for the building of industries stolen by State and National Assemblies as salaries and allowances is SARS
  • Depriving Nigerian civil servants good salary is SARS
  • Judicial corruption and injustice to the poor is SARS
  • Non-payment of salaries to State civil servants is SARS
  • Criminal non-payment of retirement benefits to our senior citizens is brutal SARS
  • The use of religion and ethnicity to divide and rule Nigerians is devilish SARS
  • Forcing, coercing or inducing people to follow our religions is SARS
  • Violence and subjugation against Nigerian women is SARS
  • Domestic abuse of maids and servants is wicked SARS
  • Money-bag politics is SARS
    Again, everything STUPID AND ROTTEN in the Nigerian SYSTEM is symptomatic of SARS and must be stopped forthwith.
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It will then interest us to note that the driving force behind #EndSARS protest are twofold: ideology and issues. These are the indomitable leaders of the non-violent transformational movement that will change the country into a prosperous, glorious and united Nigeria.

These two leaders can hardly die. They are resolute and fixated on winning. Their patience, cowardice and naivety have reached their maximum capacity. These two leaders control and command the loyalty of about 98 percent of Nigerians. Thus, they have the genuine mass support to win in elections, to deliver the real dividends of democracy to the people whom they represent. These leaders eat from the same pot of soup with the rest of the 98 percent Nigerians. They speak all Nigerian languages, are members of all the religious groups, come from all the ethnic groups, attend same school and share common aspiration. They and their fellow citizens want a better Nigeria. Every Nigerian in need is a member of their constituency. The common mantra in their leadership style is “leave no Nigerian behind.” To them, everyone is equal in the eye of the law, and no one is above the law. With the mandate of their constituents, they speak truth to the powers that be, sacrifice to make others happy, defend one another and respect each other. For the 98%, the commonwealth belongs to all and must benefit all. When every Nigerian is granted access to the things that make life worth living; our fundamental rights respected, even the so-called hoodlums will find gainful employment.

There are decent police officers, disciplined military and servant-leader politicians, seasoned administrators and civil servants. Like every ideal Nigerian, they dream of a virile, peaceful and united nation. A bad system respects no one but destroys everyone. For a better Nigeria, every ideologue and issue-driven citizen must uncompromisingly bond together with one another and refuse to be used as a destabilizing force by the forces of darkness whose stock-in-trade is divide and rule.

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Great Nigerian Youths, we salute you. Your blood has brought us freedom. You conquered tribal, ethnic and religious barriers to redefine what it means to be a true Nigerian. You all believed in one Nigeria that is not divided by Christians or Muslims, North or South, Southwest or Southeast. We are one Nigeria under God. We all share common aspiration. We all need food to feed our families.

Great Nigerian Youths, we greet you. You have given us a new concept of the term “Youth.” The toddler whose mother has no money to buy clothing is a Nigerian Youth. Those parents who cannot afford to pay for children’s school fees are Youths. Those Nigerians of all ages who died in motor accidents due to bad and neglected roads, are a class of Nigerian Youths. The millions of Nigerians, from the North to the South, East to the West, who have died in ill-equipped hospitals are a version of Nigerian Youths. Those who died at Lekki, Abuja, Onitsha, Aba, Portharcourt, Benin, Sokoto and other parts of Nigeria through peaceful protests, are the heroes of our labor for a better Nigeria.

Nigerian Youths, be wiser. Please, do not fall for the same greed and corruption that spurred the agitation for a better nation. Do not allow yourselves to be used as agents of intimidation and subjugation. Strengthen the bond of unity, love and peace. Follow our new leaders: issues and ideology. These are the paradigms of a prosperous and progressive nationhood. That is the effective way to #EndSARS. These are the non-violent revolutionary mechanisms that characterize great nationalism.

God bless Nigeria.

Daniel Imo
Ordained Minister
Community leader
Social Activist
Houston-Based Businessman

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