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Okezie Victor Ikpeazu

EDITORIALS: Ikpeazu’s body language, advocate of a new course (Season 1)

There is this undeniable fact that once a man is prejudiced for any reason whatsoever, it is always like a chameleon feces that when you step on it does not easily go.

Politics they say is a survival of the fittest and when destiny smiles on a man, the inevitable will surmise, no matter how hard it may be for people to accept the facts therein. As hard as it may be for Abians to accept the realities of our political development over the years, yet it is hard to state that notwithstanding the brouhaha over the fight for the seat of Abia Politics, I am yet to know exactly what is Ikpeazu’s political sin besides the fact that he is a descendant of men that had proved to be failure in the recon of their people – Abians.

I am not writing this article as a partisan politician, but I think it is incumbent upon us to bring out the need for Abia to give peace a chance. When two elephants fight, it is the grass that will suffer. The past year of court fight is a year lose to Abia political development and any spilled oil can never be recouped.

Suffice it to say that this article is geared towards bringing out some of the positive steps made by Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu since he took over the helms of Abia affairs. We must not always give a dog a bad name just for the simple purpose of killing it. Besides, in politics, saints are not always available, no matter what angle you chose to look at it.

I will not border you with outlining the achievements of Ikpeazu because I think that will mean doing the work of his media team.

My interest in this article is this bold step that has been made by Abia State Government in the direction of Agricultural Development, is a step in the right direction.

Information from a reliable source made available to Ohafia TV has it that Abia State government under Ikpeazu is preparing to redevelop EREI farm settlement. EREI Farm settlement is one of the biggest farm settlements in Nigeria. Divided into three part namely: Village One, Village Two and Village Three; was initiated under the able Leadership of Dr Michael Okpara during his reign as Governor of Eastern Nigeria. ERIE was supposed to successfully handle the largest production of Palm produce, Cassava and other cash crops. With a giant Oil Milling Plant in place and a conducive settlers’ arrangement, EREI was designed to feed Nigeria. But the lack of maintenance culture of the Nigeria Governments and the effect of Oil boom of the 60s made this project to die a natural death even before start up.

The news that the Abia State Government is presently making efforts to revamp, revive and re-establish the farm is the greatest News coming from Abia State. This will not just put Okon-Aku and Ohafia in the path to prosperity, but Abia State as a whole and Nigeria at Large.

Even at the Zero production capacity of the farm, it is still a good source of income to countless youths of Okon-Aku and beyond. The manual production of the Palm Oil from the farm has continued to put food on tables and ensure better living to the people that are engaged in the farm activities.

Considering the current economic recession without any known solution in sight, it is worthy of note that this project couldn’t have come at a better time and it takes the initiative of a positive minded leader like Ikpeazu to look beyond the obvious at a point when the hope of survival seems to be hinged only on oil and FCT bailouts funds.

OHAFIA TV reliably gathered that this project will most likely be a PPP arrangement with a private investor. Rice and cassava flour processing mills will be installed in the farm. Basic amenities like schools, roads, telecom facilities, cottages, hospitals, farm offices and houses will be put in place.

Ndi Ohafia should realize that Ikpeazu is for everybody and has good development plans for the state. The need to go back to the farm should be given greatest priority at a time like this because only a well-fed man can wrestle at the village square. Ohafia people should consider going back to farm because the importance of communal farming is an integral part of Ohafia life wire over the years of our evolution.

I also want to use this medium to call other investors to come and invest in Ohafia. Isiama is presently the fastest growing economy in Abia State with many areas still untapped. People that has invested in ICT are presently happy they made the decision because the demand for such services always comes with development. Some of the Banks that are present in Ohafia has yet to meet up with the demand for their services as the people of Ohafia are now in tune with the latest pace of digitized world. Suffice it to say that Investment opportunities in Ohafia abounds.

I therefore wish to use this opportunity to call on the dynamic Governor of Abia State, Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu to among other things pay attention to the need to touch and revamp Abiriba market and Isiama main markets as well as other important markets in the Ohafia Local Government Authority because when this plan to revamp EREI comes into full play, the markets in Ohafia will not be able to manage the influx of farm produce from EREI within a shot period. As a result, these markets and many others needs to be touched.

Finally, I call on well-meaning Abians to come out and rally around Ikpeazu in support of his laudable efforts to prove to us that he is here to make a difference.

I also implore our politicians to sheath their swords and prevent the further sufferings of the Abia Citizens. He who fights today and lives to fight another day is the true definition of a warrior. When we fight so hard till the trees in the forest are thrown down, the elephant will after all need a shed to rest in.

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