Etiokwe rejects outcome of Ohafia LGA polls, heads to tribunal

OHAFIA-TV News | Etiokwe rejects outcome of Ohafia LGA polls, heads to tribunal

In the wake of the just concluded Local Government Areas Chairmanship contest that recently took place in Abia State, some aggrieved candidates have spoken out in rejection of the outcome that they alleged is not free and fair.

On top of this campaign against the results is the Ohafia LGA APC candidate, Chief Kalu Mba Nwoke (Etiokwe), who has issued a press statement in rejection of the results. The statement read, interalias:

My outright rejection of PDP shenanigan called election in Ohafia LGA – KMN

Press Statement – 23/1/2020

1.. My name is Kalu Mba Nwoke (aka Etiokwe), I am a groosroot politician and staunch believer in fairness, equity and fairplay, especially when it touches on protection of interest of my people, albeit, giving them dividends of democracy through effective representation of their interests. It is on this premise that I write to state thus;

2.. I vehemently and outrightly reject, in its entirety, the PDP shenanigan called Election in Ohafia LGA where I contested for the position of chairmanship. This is premised on the pedestal that there’s no harm in losing an election, but there is injury in being robbed of an election as was witnessed in the just concluded window dressing termed “local government Chairmanship election” in Abia State.

3.. As a matter of prerogative, It is incumbent upon me to protect the interest of the people of Ohafia by challenging the process that announced a PDP flagbearer as winner in an election that was marred with irregularities, manipulations, violence and open attack on opponents in favour of PDP who later presented results even in areas where elections did not hold.

To do this, I have gathered, studied and tabulated the processes, the actions, the connivances and the collision in this broadday robbery and I am confident to use same to challenge the status quo that must not stand.

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4.. I believe that the only way democracy can work is when we allow free and fair election to be the decider of our fate in the affairs of governance. My intent is to demand for that fairness that makes elections free because that is the only way I can protect the interest of my people from institutionalized cabals system that boast of sharing of elective offices to allies and highest bidders.

5.. I stand to maintain that I believe in an election where what is contained in the summary results and also signed by electoral officers should be the yardstick for deciding who wins the election rather than a situation where results are produced even in areas that election did not hold.

6.. Citing the incidences that took place along Ndi Ibe/Amuma Road where electoral materials meant for Okamu ward was hijacked by PDP thugs (with video evidence), areas of which will be considered as my stronghold against my opponent. And also taking into corginsance of the truth that election never took place in my ward due to some hired thugs of Chief Ukpai Agwu Ukpai and Hon Mba Ukaha who ensured that chaos took the day.

This is not forgetting to mention that election did not take place in two other wards (Akanu Ukwu ward and Uduma wards respectively). Yet results were produced. This is an illegality that I must not allow to stand because posterity has rested it upon my shoulders to insist that the right thing be done for the protection of interest of my people at all times.

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7.. The election materials for Ohafor ward 1(Asaga Ukwu) was safely returned back to ABSIEC office in Ohafia LGA Secretariat, same with that of Akanu Ukwu Ward, whereas election materials for Uduma Ward was also hijacked by PDP thugs.

8.. I state emphatically that from the available results from the copies of agents’ list I have from areas (wards and polling units) where election took place, I won with wide margin even in the ward of my PDP opponent who have just been fraudulently declared the winner of the election. I also have in my procession, written documents to prove same that I won convincingly in all except in few wards in Nkporo that I am yet to receive agents’ copies of the result sheets of which I have been informed that I won with over 200 votes.

9.. In conclusion therefore, I have briefed my legal team to initiate a process that will enable us seek redress at the electoral tribunal, bearing in mind that evil abound where men of good will do nothing.

10.. I wish to retrieve my mandate by challenging the broad day robbery orchestrated by PDP against the good people of Ohafia LGA.

11.. So help me God.

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