EXPOSING THEIR LIES; and 2nd Niger Bridge Propaganda


By Udumeze Ukwu

The bad precedence of using the Second Niger Bridge as political gamble chips to lure votes from the Easterners has continued to be dangerous and threading propaganda against the region.

The Politicians believe that all they have to apply to garner support from Easterner is a simple open-ended sentence: “I will build second Niger Bridge; if…”

I can remember in the 2016 budget, the ministry of works, power, and housing gave the whole of SE a budget of about N2.7Billion while SW was given N85Billion.

One of my brothers, (Sic), an ardent Buharist, was busy deceiving Umu Igbo that N17Billion was budgeted for the 2nd Niger Bridge whereas the project was silently and politically killed with a fake reason of irregularities in the contract sum.

That was how Jakande’s Lagos Metro project was killed in 1984.

Let me quickly refresh your memory on the 2nd Niger Bridge Project.

The original contract sum was N117Billion and a PPP project with government participation of 27% or N30Billion.
It was not a completely government-funded project rather the contractor will foot the bill and toll for the users to pay therefore it was going to be paid for by the users.

The past government had so far paid N18.7Billion out of their N30Billion leaving a balance of N11.3Billion.

Work stopped at the site immediately after Buhari took over but when the election is coming they will start to tell you how progressive the project is going on. That was how our VP went to Anambra for campaigning during the State’s Last election of November 2017 and told the gullible that the Buhari government have released $2Billion for the second Niger Bridge.

You know liars don’t check figures when they are lying otherwise VP should have known that $2Billon (N700Billion) is far more than the actual total cost of the bridge.

The pictures you see here are what was on ground before Buhari took over and it has remained like that till date.

As with all their lies spearheaded by a pastor and Lie Mohammed, Ogoni cleansing is yet to begin until when it is right to use it as a political game-chips,

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By Amos Kalu
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