Eyaba vs Kalu: Reconciliation Feasible as Chief Kalu wades into the matter

OHAFIA-TV News - Eyaba vs Kalu: Reconciliation Feasible as Chief Kalu wades into the matter

Following the arrest of Abuja based blogger and publisher of Ohafiatv News, Comr Amos Kalu by Director Emmanuel Eyaba over a publication made on 4th January, 2021, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has intervened to bring a stop to a simple issue that could result to injurious end if not carefully handled.

The duo who happened to be friends way back took their fight to social media over simple misunderstanding that culminated in the arrest of the publisher by the accused filmmaker.

Recall that Amos Kalu had alleged that Director Emmanuel Eyaba has a baby mama of 2 decades that produced twins, an allegation Emma dismissed as false information targeted to smear his name. He threatened law suit against the blogger and his platform which in turn led to exchanges and ego play that culminated in arrest yesterday, but for timely intervention of the National Coordinator of People’s Democratic Party Coalition, Mbem Political Assembly, a political think tank of Ohafia and Okon-Aku Development Union President, Dr Mnecha Kalu, the matter has been brought to a halt.

On his part, Comr Amos has unconditionally apologised to Director Emmanuel Eyaba for dragging him to the public space to prove a point and reiterated that he is open to reconciliation as the desires of all concerned mediators, friends, big stalwarts and family who have insisted on a path of reconciliation cannot be ignored for any reasons.

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At this juncture, a meeting will be scheduled for the contending friends to create a common ground to finding a lasting solution to the whole saga to give peace a chance.

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Comr Amos Kalu is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief OHAFIA-TV News. He is a writer, teacher, computer/ICT Expert and website developer that is taking blogging to a whole new level of empowerment for the youths.

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