Femi Fani-Kayode’s third wife defends him, says former wife constantly threatens to kill four children

Femi Fani-Kayode

Regina-Hanson Amonoo, the third wife of former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has defended her husband over allegations of abuse leveled against him by his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu.

Newsmen recall that Fani-Kayode and Chikwendu, his fourth and estranged wife, had continued to be in the spotlight after their marriage of seven years ended in 2020 with the pair struggling for the custody of their four children.

Chikwendu had filed a court affidavit wherein she shared lurid details of how she was allegedly abused by the ex-Minister on numerous occasions during their days as husband and wife.

Fani-Kayode had, however, replied in a statement dismissing Chikwendu’s allegations describing her as “a pathological liar and a slanderer.”

Reacting, Regina, speaking in defense of the ex-Minister stated enjoined the public to disregard Chikwendu’s abuse claims, describing her as “a big liar and wretched ingrate”.

In a statement on Saturday, Regina who is a Ghanaian stated that it was unfortunate that the mother of four would make severe allegations against the former Minister forgetting that he had helped her in several ways.

Regina stated that Chikwendu and her family were “like hungry refugees,” who “had nothing but rubber slippers” and the ex-Minister met her during the period of her desperation.

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Regina stated that the ex-Minister set up many businesses for Chikwendu but they all collapsed because the former beauty queen could not manage them.

Regina also refuted claims that Fani-Kayode had mental issues, saying that Chikwendu was the one who had stayed in a “mental hospital” for one month for trying to kill him and their children.

“Precious, you are just a sick woman and a big liar. I know you collected over half a million USD dollars from Femi within the first few months of meeting him for a fake investment. We have witnesses to prove it and remember that you even asked me to thank him for it. I also know he set you up in one business or the other four times in seven years and got you offices etc. but you squandered it all,” the statement read.

“You say he has mental issues meanwhile you were the one that was locked up in a mental hospital for one month after trying to kill him and his children. You stayed in the home of a man with mental problems for six years and allowed your mother, aunty, two brothers, and sisters to stay there too?”

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Regina, also known as Gina Hall, stated that Chikwendu once admitted to her that she was naked in a hotel room with another man on the night the former Minister allegedly caught her and she alleged that Chikwendu once pulled a knife to stab the former Minister and her children before other family members intervened by calling the police.

According to the Ghanaian, if Fani-Kayode was truly violent as Chikwendu claimed, he would have injured her the night he allegedly caught her naked in the hotel.

She also disclosed that Chikwendu’s “constant threats to kill the children is why Femi is afraid to leave them” with her

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