The people of Isu clan in Arochukwu local government area of Abia state have cried out to the government of Abia state and the nation at large, over what they have described as coordinated attacks by the people of Utuma in Biase local government of Cross River State.

In a press conference addressed by leaders of the clan, led by Mazi Donatus Okorie, elder statesman and former Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and Chief of Staff to the former governor of Abia state, Chief Theodore Orji, the people decried the loss of an illustrious son of the clan, Mazi Okoro Ukwaa, who was ambushed and murdered in cold blood on Thursday 14th of February 2019 while he was returning from his farm.

“One illustrious son of Isu has been murdered in cold blood We have come here to let everyone know of our plight, because the situation as it is today calls for urgent decisive action by the government of Abia state.

“The Genesis of our visit dates back to 18th of April 2018, when suddenly without provocation, our Cross River neighbors of Utuma and their cronies launched an attack of monumental proportion on Isu clan with its concomitant devastation and loss of lives and properties.

“What has befallen Isu community is better imagined than experienced, it is like a Holocaust. And we are here to let Nd? Abia know and the world, that Isu is part and parcel of Abia State.”

“Needless to say that since the eruption of this crisis on the 18th of April 2018,many lives have been lost, with nothing less than 30, and properties worth millions of naira.

“It is saddening to note that since the first attack on the people, our own governor has not taken concrete steps to ensure stoppage of further loss, and broker peace. Series of petitions have been made, with documented reports, even when the governor came to Arochukwu in July 2018, we met with him and narrated our ordeal to him.” Mazi Donatus Okorie said.

Futhermore, Mazi Okorie said that five communities of Iheosi, Aba Isu, Amachi Isu, Ndi Ugbu, Ali oso, have all been sent on exile, with over 15,000 persons fleeing the communities.

Hon. Tony Kalu who is an aide to the governor painfully detailed how he met with the governor when he visited his base in the United States to meet with Abians in diaspora, informed him of the attacks on his people, with the governor promising to come to their aide.

“There is the need for a permanent security solution, while we seek for a secondary solution in the form of the resolution of the boundary commission. There was a military post before along the boundary, where military personnels stayed for a while. This didn’t last for more than a month. We need a police post that will help in securing our people.”

When contacted later, Honourable Tony Kalu confirmed the intervention of the deputy governor of the state, Rt Honourable Sir Udo Oko Chukwu, who has promised to swing into immediate action to alleviate the ordeal of the people.

Honorable Tony Kalu also lamented of the neglect of his people and lack of political recognition, he explained that one of the reasons of the neglect is because they dont have people close to power and demanded that something be done about that.

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