From Presbyterian historical point of view based on facts, Biafra existed as a Nation before Nigeria

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ORIGIN: In April 1846, at the invitation of the two kings of Calabar, a team of missionaries from the Church of Scotland Mission, led by Rev. Hope Masterton Waddell, arrived Calabar where they set up the first congregation of what is now known as The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.

From Calabar, the Church began to grow.

In 1858, it was constituted as the Presbytery of Biafra.

This Presbytery of Biafra metamorphosed into the The Presbyterian Synod of Biafra in 1921.

The Church continued to witness remarkable growth until 1945, when the Presbyterian Church of Biafra was constituted, with the Synod as its highest court. In the same year, the white missionaries handed over the Church administration to Nigerians.

The Presbyterian Church of Biafra became the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Nigeria in 1952.

By 16th June, 1960, the Mission Church integration was completed and the Church changed its name to the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. In 1985, the Synod met in Afikpo and agreed to create Regional Synods with the General Assembly as the highest decision making body. This decision materialized on the 22nd August, 1987, when the General Assembly was inaugurated at the Duke Town Presbyterian Church, Calabar.

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After the creation of the General Assembly, two regional Synods were created in 1988. These were the East and the South-East Synods. As at today, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria has nine Regional Synods.

In the history of The Presbyterian Church, the church started in Calabar on 10th January 1846 & the first constituted synod on 4th May 1921 was named SYNOD OF BIAFRA.

Later on 19th October 1945, the church was constituted as THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF BIAFRA. The reason early presbyterian church missionaries used that name “BIAFRA” is an evidence that there was a country like that.

It’s like someone deliberately manipulated history before & after the Nigerian independence & its an EVIL MANIPULATION AGAINST INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA.


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As a monument on the floor of BBC among other countries of the world is BIAFRA boldly scripted .

What that means is that BIAFRA as a country existed before Nigeria .

Why do people argue that there is nothing like BIAFRA as a country before?

Seen here is the Ohaneze President Dr Nnia taking the pictures of the inscription.

If Britain recognized Biafra among committee of Nations, what actually went wrong?

Where did we tripped?

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