GUINÉ-BISSAU will gain more from political stability, than crisis – kalu

Nuno Nabiam and Sissoco Embalo

The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has called on the good people of Guiné-Bissau to observe the need to focus on exploiting and exploring those opportunities that can unite, harness and progress the republic rather than building on little skirmishes that will rather put her into further crisis that will negatively affect the lofty programmes and targets of the newly elected President, General Umaro Sissoco Embalo

Chief Kalu made this call from his Nigeria base and postulated that, given his experiences during his sojourn in the months of the 2019 general elections, Guiné-Bissau have 100% chances of building on the gains of this last exercise that has been adjourned as one of the freest and fairest elections in the history of the nation even by the international community.

He noted that power is transient and must be respected by all and sundry because “Power Comes From God”, and not out of our own will and caprices. Good politicians are those who lead when they win, but better politicians are those who succumb when they lose, they are actually the best winners because they know how to lose gallantly.

“Dividing Guiné-Bissau along political inclination can only polarize it and further deny her of chances to better the lots of the citizenry through a well encapsulated, articulated and implemented human oriented programmes that will put her in her place among committee of nations.

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“When you have true conviction that you fight for the interest of the people and not your own greedy ends as a leader, then you should know when to throw in the towel and join other Patriots to advance the cause of your nation so that the world will understand that your actions were premised on love and regard for the people” he said.

Furthermore, Chief Kalu reminded the good people of Guiné-Bissau that unless they come out to wholly support the government of General Umaro Sissoco Embalo and give full cooperation to his appointed Prime Minister, Engr Nuno Nabiam, it will be difficult to achieve the good prospects that will move the republic forward and therefore called on the nation to avoid the temptation of divided Alliance and face nation building.

“The electioneering periods are over with the election lost and won. This is time to cooperate and build Guiné-Bissau so that posterity will judge us kindly for the part we played to further the cause of humanity.

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“GUINÉ-BISSAU will definitely gain from political stability more than crisis being orchestrated by bad losers posing as Patriots to the detriment of the general masses” he concludes.

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