Guinea-Bissau: Nuno Nabiam Calls for transparency in election process


The leader of the United People’s Assembly – Guinea-Bissau Democratic Party (APU-PDGB) and presidential candidate Nuno Gomes Nabiam has called on the National Election Commission (CNE) for more “transparency and credibility” in the election process coming up in the country on 24th November, 2019.

“We will continue to urge the CNE to apply common sense of commitment to the November 24 presidential elections to ensure it takes place under conditions of peace, stability, transparency and credibility, because we are interested in the process going to go on in a good climate,” said Gomes Nabian.

Gomes Nabian at a press conference this Sunday, October 27, 2019, at the party’s main headquarters in Bissau, reveals that he is available to accept the election results, but warns the CNE that it is essential that a process be transparent in order to avoid problems. in the country.

At this meeting with journalists to address yesterday’s protests that resulted in the death of one of the protesters, Nabian also criticized the draw made by the National Election Commission for positioning candidates on the ballot paper.

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The leader of the fourth political force in Parliament, which will be supported by the PRS, which ranked third in the legislatures, understands that the CNE must collaborate to preserve peace and stability.

Nuno Gomes Nabian, the head of state, José Mario Vaz and Prime Minister Aristides Gomes, urges urgent action on Interior Ministry officials who have ordered to release tear gas during the three-party protest attempt. in parliament, namely the Movement for Democratic Alternation (MADEM-G15), the Social Renewal Party (PRS) and the APU-PDGB to protest the electoral process.

Although the competent authorities are investigating the circumstances of the death of the Guinean citizen named Demba Baldé, the protest organizers allege that the failed man was beaten by agents and shot with a stab.

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Guinea-Bissau holds presidential elections on November 24, with the second round, if necessary, scheduled for December 29.

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