Herdsmen: Govs, traditional leaders are powerless – Pastor Giwa


The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa on Friday said state governors and traditional rulers are powerless amid the herdsmen and criminal activities.

Pastor Giwa said those behind the criminal and herdsmen activities are more powerful than governors or traditional rulers.

He made the remark while stressing that only citizens can resist the activities of Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria.

A statement by Giwa signed and sent to newsmen said the broad objective of Fulani herdsmen is to kill, destroy and forcefully take over the South-West region.

He said: “I saw this coming years ago; I warned the Yoruba leaders but they didn’t listen because they were after what the Fulani government could offer them.

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“They sold their people to Fulanis because of power and money. Governors are powerless, traditional rulers have nothing to say.

“They keep kissing Fulani’s feet and allowing their people to be killed like animals. What stops the governors from banning grazing completely?

“Can you take cattle around in America or the United Kingdom or any advanced country? How can you destroy and chase me out of my farm?

“You have read how soldiers escorted Fulani herdsmen to Ogun state where they reportedly beat the residents and traditional rulers just because they didn’t allow them to graze in their farmlands.

“People can only save themselves from Fulani terrorists, the government or traditional rulers cannot save them. It’s time we all rise up against the activities of Fulani.

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“Arguing self-defense is criminal. Nigeria has self-defense laws that allow people who are threatened to use reasonable force to defend themselves or others.

“Fulani herdsmen have killed innocent people more than Boko Haram members since 2015. Is it by force to graze on my land? This senseless grazing must completely stop.”

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