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It took Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency good 16 years to get to her political Eldorado. The constituency fell into the cocoon of people who never conformed with the needs and expectations of the people even as they expected much from them, they left us to act with the doctrine of necessity and survival of the fittest, the duo completed their two-term Nigerianized political ideology with nothing to show, rather they perfidiously plunged us into a sticky and ever-deepening quagmire; the unaccessible Arochukwu-Ohafia road is an evidence to that horrible experience.

The emergence of Hon Uko Nkole, presented us with a leader who is not lacking in character , capacity and competence. He has in quantum measures touched every nook and crannies of his constituency through the machinery of his operation “one village ,one project”. He has presented us with cautious optimism of a better tomorrow such that his successors will naturally and consciously tread in the parts of development.

No Shakespearean verse can successfully be rhymical to his political ingenuity. He is a propeller having turn the shaft that has led other Abia lawmakers to familiarize themselves with term ” constituency project” such that they unconsciously sponsor bills even when such bill is already kissing the floor of the Parliament. Yea, even the National Assembly members are unsure of how many federal tertiary Institutions are expected to grace Abia following the motions and counter- motions they received . This is a kind of competitive environment Hon Uko Nkole is able to create. His political sagacity and astuteness is second to none.

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We must religiously appreciate our God-given representative Hon. Uko Nkole, he is a catalyst having consciously stirred up stimulus that brought about the elevation of the former Abia State College of Education to a federal status.

Pick up your PVC and vote for once, save yourself from another four years of political servitude. His creation of over 80 Federal jobs, provision of over 30 pipe-borne water, distribution of over 40 transformers, registration of FSLC for over 150 school pupils, building of bridges and many more are reasons you should vote him for the second time.

Comrade Mary Thompson.

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