In Nigeria justice was killed; Now the coffin is nailed, we must continue – Kalu

Chief Dr Emeka C. Kalu

A lot of reactions have continued to pour in from all corners of Nigeria over the shortest judgement in the history of Nigeria where a script written by the purveyors of our collective heritage, the merchandise of our lackluster malfeasance and nocturnal existence brought and read out to the helpless masses of Nigerians whose fate in left in the hands of few power grabbers to use as they desire.

The Director General of Atikulated Agenda World, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu has reaction to the judgment with mixed feelings, saying that inasmuch as he expected the Supreme Court to do the needful by upsetting the shambled precedence set by the Appeal Court to save Nigeria from total slide into anarchy, he was not surprised at the same time of the outcome, saying it was not unexpected.

In a statement issued from his Abuja PDP office and signed by Comr. Amos Kalu, his media and publicity aide, Chief Kalu, who is also the DG, Protocols of PDP Youth Alliance, said that he is happy that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar did not betray the trust the Nigerian Masses have in him by giving him their mandate, stating that it was commendable that he fought as a democrat by exploiting all (only) legal actions within the ambit of the law to establish justice. But in a country where justice has been eroded and thwarted, we can do nothing but move on because the way of democrats is believe in a future for the country for whom they hold dear.

“When the Court of Appeal passed a judgement that set a bad precedence, we didn’t lose hope because we believed that the Supreme Court will remedy the situation, but in what seems like a movie, they have made their own judgement even more painful to Nigerians. That tells you one thing, Nigeria is presently under total hostage and all we can do at this point is to pray and hope for God’s intervention before it is too late to salvage the nation.

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“The destiny of our nation is now at arm’s-length and we are helpless in all ramifications. But I am happy that Alhaji Atiku took the path of Justice as it has helped to expose the rot in the Nigerian system where the past gains of democracy being consolidated has been made to evaporate since 2015 before our very eyes.

“Yes we are helpless in all of it. But all hope is not lost because he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. We held unto our believes that Atiku is the solution to the Nigerian myriad of problems and we have not given up on it, neither are we giving up on it till NIgeria is rescued. Humans are humans, only God is infallible and he is the one with the final judgment. I am optimistic that he with one day soon give justice to Nigerians in a manner that it will be sweet in our hearts” He said.

Chief Kalu, who is also the DG, Global Initiative for Good Governance, thanked the Nigerian people for their patience and believe in Atiku, especially members of Atikulated Agenda under his leadership for their unrelenting tenacity and unalloyed loyalty to the cause of making Nigeria a better place.

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“I am proud of the Nigerian people for their ingenuity in long-suffering and patience throughout this period of our nations trials, especially my members at Atikulated Agenda who never gave up until the final whistle, it is a sign that it is not all over for our dear nation. One day our challenges shall be surmounted in a new era of a society of our dreams where peace, justice and the rule of law thrives under the tenets of a true democracy

“I also thank and dynamic Media, who is the fourth estate of the realm for their astuteness and dedication to a better Nigeria because even when some compromised, many stool firm to the end.

“I assure you that we did not lose, we are only challenged to come out better and stronger because Nigeria is our collective project, it is in our hands to strengthen her. Democracy is what we will have no matter how long it is subdued for the interest of greedy few, it must one day blossom to its fullness before our very eyes” He said.

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