IRIJI OHAFIA… EKPE OHAMAOHA (a Cultural Conglomerate) – 15th October, 2016


By: Emeka Mannic

Yes, it is going to be a very big event as the 26 villages of Ohafia Ancient Kingdom,will be coming together to celebrate and showcase their big and historic cultural heritage on Saturday 15th October, at Achichi Elu, Elu Ohafia.

We are to see and watch the best of famous Ohafia War Dance, Ekpe Akpan, Ekpe Okonko, Iri di bu Ugwu, Dibia Okon and will also be watching some Ohafia Artists performing live,including a prayer of rededication to God by some Ohafia international Evangelist.

The Aim of this event is to Unite and maintain the peace among Ohafians.

Please remember that this great occasion does not have any political undertones as many might be apt to think.

Of course Hon Ifeanyi Francis Uchendu is the sponsor and he is only doing it because he value and want to Unite Ohafia more and more.


The chairmen of the event is Prof. U. U. Uche and Chief Okwara Osonwa, while the Governor of Abia State Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, will be the special guest of honour with his entourage..

We urge all Youths to please, as a matter of responsibility, behave very well tomorrow.

Don’t use any weapon during the Ekpe Ohamaoha, so that “ijegi akpasara nde ikwu unu Uka”
We therefore invite both our sons and daughters, well wishers, friends and press men to this august event in October.

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