Africa has suffered setback and backwardness due to a lot of factors due to lack of education of our children and youths.

But together, our little act of kindness can give one of them the opportunity to get education.

We have to deal with Africa challenges from the root. Poverty, AIDS, malaria, backwardness, social vices etc are still dealing with Africa because we have not given priority to educating our future leaders.

This initiative is aimed at doing just that.

1. Giving out writing materials/text books.
2. School Uniforms and bags
3. Sponsoring disadvantaged but indigent students through scholarships.
4. Building schools and facilities that will encourage education.
5. Training dropouts in skills and empowering them.
6. Assisting single mothers to train their children by empowering the mothers.

Until we educate Africa, disease and underdevelopment will continue to hold us down.

Join this movement led by my humble self and tell other good spirited people to key in.


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