Kalu Condemns Extra-judicial Killings in Abia, Condoles with Ohafia Clan

OHAFIA-TV News - Endless Updates; Unbiased | Kalu Condemns Extra-judicial Killings in Abia, Condoles with Ohafia Clan

I received the news with a pained heart because I recalled that it was the 3rd time an Abia Citizen is killed extra-judicially by our security operatives since the lockdown order started. First it was in Umu-Ikia junction, another one was shot in Uratta Junction and this Friday Ifeanyi Arunsi in Ohafia.

This raises the questions of why such desperation at a time when the highest level of sanity and moral balance is expected of every citizens. Why the senseless killings?

Be that as it may, in as much as I do not support mob action and burning down of police station and other government properties in Ohafia which the citizens will stand to lose even more after losing their brother, one will not entirely say such reactions to wanton killing of innocent citizens is not expected and if the Nigeria police do nothing to checkmate this ugly trend, especially now that nerves are tensed due to anger occasioned by hunger and frustration, then we may have crisis in our hands because the news of killings have become common from Amanbra, to Warri, to Abuja, Lagos, all over the nation, are we now insane?

Before I talk about damages which cannot replace the lost life, I want to quickly thank the chief Security Officer of Abia State for his assurance to protect the life of Abians at all times. He demonstrated it when a soldier shot a motorcycle operator, justice was sought for the family of the diseased, I am sure he will still stand up for the moment.

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I also want to appreciate the TC Chairman of Ohafia LGA, Hon Eke Idika, the Deputy speaker of Abia State, Hon Ifeanyi Uchendu, who is also a son of Ohafia and many others who swung into action to put the rioting youths in check to avert further break down of law and order.

I will say it was improper to break into police station to burn it down and release prisoners, it is an illegal action that must be investigated throughly. It is what comes with mob action especially when life is lost. But intelligence gathering has confirmed that no arms and ammunition was looted from the station, this too much be investigated.

I call on the Nigeria police to as a matter of priority ensure they have periodical evaluation of psychological fitness of the men and women in uniform who have constantly ruined the good name of the Nigeria security apparatus.

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This incident is unfortunate. I condole with the bereaved family and Ohafia community and ask them to sheart their sword.

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