Kalu to Adesina: Leave Atiku alone; attend to cry of the masses.

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Press Statement – 6/7/2019

The people handling President Mohammed Buhari has continued to distract Nigeria more than ever over irrelevancies while our nation continue to burn in frenzy of too many issues that demand critical attention where their energies should’ve been channeled to, especially like to reminding their Principal what needs to be done and when.

Rather than do that, they have opted to chasing shadows and always jittery at what Atiku said, did and/or even imagined.

Reacting, Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu, the Director General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide have in a statement made public on Saturday, and signed by his Media and Publicity Aide, Comr. Amos Kalu, advised Mr. Femi Adesina to stop chasing shadows and tell his Principal to pay more attention to the yearnings of the masses whom the economic quagmire pummeling the nation have made to lose confidence in the system.

Dr. Kalu also said that it is unfortunate that out of every patriotic and concerned points raised by the statements from Alhaji Atiku, Adesina also found pleasure in picking and thematically analyzing only a section to score cheap political point, forgetting that this is not a popularity contest, but a crusade on the need to salvage what is left of the nation.

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“It thrives on insincerity and misdemeanor for Adesina to read meaning into a simple statement in part while overlooking the whole which is a sign of the attempt to score cheap political goal out of a simple and straightforward statement.

“Having used and continued to use dubious means to cling unto power at the detriment of everybody, one would’ve expected that you could at least give respite to a man who has continued to maintain all manners of decorum and decency while pursuing justice.

“We all know that if the election was rigged against Buhari, nobody will be in court by now, rather blood of the “monkeys and Baboons” would’ve been flowing on the streets ever since. So why are you always making a mountain out of an anthill?

“Atiku is a true democrat that believes in the rule of law, but nobody should misstate his gentle stride as a sign of cowardice”. He Said.

There are too many issues in Nigeria today, the clamor for Restructuring, the controversy and threatening issue of RUGA, the dwindling economy, and prayer for better welfare of Nigerians deserves more attention. It will be shameful to play the proverbial “Okorie” whom while his house was burning down on fire; he busied himself in chasing rats that came out of the house.

“BANDEF, AFANIFERE, OHANEZE, are getting louder over restructuring because Nigeria seems to be at a standstill. The issues of Shiite Muslim’s daily protest in Abuja is getting more disturbing. Just today, and in previous days, we’ve had the issues of angry people occupying the express roads, including herdsmen insisting on “NO RUGA, NO NIGERIA”. One then begins to wonder, how on earth would Adesina leave all those burning issue to waste his sapping energy on analyzing word to word every sentence made by their most feared nightmare, Atiku. Is it not a sign of accepting defeat in the face of the truth?” He prodded.

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The Statement concluded by advising Adesina to pay more attention to governance rather than gossips.

“I will advise him and his co travelers to concentrate and give Nigeria their best while it last and leave Atiku alone and out of their too many downturns”

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