Kalu to President Buhari: Is this the Next Level, or do we expect another?

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Press Statement – 7/6/2019

It is obvious that Nigeria has continually and systematically taken an unprecedented negative turn down the slopes of political quagmire under the leadership of President Mohammedu Buhari. But while we seem to have seen it all, we get a new shocker that leaves us with no less a poser like: “Which Way Nigeria?”

The Director General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and one time Gubernatorial Aspirant in Abia State, Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu, has in a press statement issued on Friday through his Aide on Media and Publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu, raised many salient issues bordering on the threat of our Democracy under the leadership of the APC-Led Federal Government.

For a while now, the news has continued to make the rounds that there is an Islamization and Fulanisation agenda by the Buhari Administration as a result of the ethnocentric method adopted in running the affairs of the nation, which of course, has been dismissed by the usual wave of hands by the Presidency even when people has continued to die in the hands of “Bandits”. Yet when you observe closely, Buhari’s Body Language seems to justify the accusation.

“But how would one described a President donating 100Billion to a group of people that we have fought for 4years as a result of the mayhem they have unleashed on the citizens of Nigeria?
“How would we justify setting up AM Radio from the Federal Government Purse for the same herdsmen killing people in all nooks and cranny of Nigeria when history told us that it was such Radio Station that masterminded the ethnic cleansing that took place in Rwanda in recent past in the history of Africa?”

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It is no longer news that the Operational Certificate of Daar Communication (the company operating AIT and RayPower) has been banned indefinitely over flimsy excuse of breach of code of conduct.
“But the Media Industry is supposed to be the watchdog of the masses against the Government, especially when the government becomes tyrannical. Even the incessant attack on Donald Trump by CNN could not give him the impetus to ban them. So why would our case be different in Nigeria? We seem to be heading to another level of dictatorship under President Buhari”. Kalu said.

“Last time we eventually learnt that our President woke up and revoked the licenses of every Guns in Nigeria (Mind you, the legally licensed guns) in excuse to fight banditry and insurgency when we all know that the guns carried by the people perpetrating these evil of massacre are not actually licensed.
“One wonders then how the only legal means of protection of Nigerians will be taken away from the people when the culprits are brandishing illegal guns. Is it not a way of disarming the citizens in order to conquer them as propounded by Adolf Hitler prior to the Second World War saga? So where are we heading actually”.

It is obvious that some media houses has been anointed and found favor with the dictatorial tendencies of Buhari, but banning Daar Communication for exposing the truth as they have always done is a step too far which Nigerians must voice out before this tsunami engulf us all.
Suppression of the Media is the first step to fully fledged Dictatorship as been characterized by all dictators that ever existed in the history of humanity. Our Democracy is under attack; our collective defense against National disaster must be activated.

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