Kalu Urges the Apex Court to defend their integrity through the Zamfara Case

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Press Statement

In the prevalent issues of the putting the Nigerian Judicial System under trial by the Ruling Party, the Zamfara Governorship outcome will once again determine its resolve to act in the interest of the people of Zamfara and Nigerians at large or to carry out the selfish desire of few that will always do their best to bend justice in their favour because they have what they call “Federal Might”.

This is the latest issue at hand. The Director General of Atilkulated Agenda Worldwide, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, has in a Press Statement issued through him Media/Publicity Aid, Comr. Amos Kalu, made a clear case of the attempt of the power that be, to miscarry justice by seeking victory where there is no case.

He insisted that this case will show the integrity or otherwise of the Highest Court of the land whose duty it is to give the last hope to the common man as represented by Zamfara in this instance.

“Every Zamfaran/Nigerian knows that there was no consensus candidate for APC by right, which according to the APC constitution, not allowed. The Nigerian Constitution do not state otherwise in the same issue of a party not presenting their consensus candidates before a speculated time before the election proper.

“Since the APC failed to meet up with this constitutional obligation of fielding a candidate for an election, one then wonders why the APC in Zamfara are seeking to be given the peoples’ mandate they did not even qualify for; even up to the Supreme Court level.

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“As a matter of responsibility on the part of the Supreme Court, such case shouldn’t even be entertained before them. It should be thrown out and order given for the PDP candidate to be reorganized as the Governor’ Elect, having fulfilled the Party’s Constitution in tandem with the Nigerian Constitution” He argued.

Now the Supreme Court has set aside a date to rule on the validity of the 2019 primary elections conducted by the All Progressives Congress in Zamfara State. The acting Chief Judge of Nigeria would be leading the 5-man panel that would be delivering the final verdict on the case.

Will they follow the Constitution of APC and Nigeria that has disqualified the APC candidate on the basis of total rejection by the party members or will they judge to defend the interest of the “Federal Might?”

Whatever the outcome of the Zamfara Governorship Election will be, it will go a long way to prove the extent at which the apex court is ready to defend the people of Nigeria at all times by upholding justice.

Nigeria must be redeemed by our sacrifice of purpose so that posterity will smile at us.

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