Kanu Vs Nigeria, who’s playing the Ostrich? – Comr. Amos Kalu


Sometime in 2017, when the Nigeria Military invaded the home of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, everybody celebrated the feat and carried on as if nothing happened, not minding the death of his 28 followers.

To rub salt to the injury, the Eastern Governors proscribed their brothers who had not carried any arm even when they have severally lost souls to trigger-happy security outfits, whereas the dreaded herdsmen continued their killing spree across the length and breadth of Nigeria without the Northern Governors being able to as much as at least condemn them, we clapped and moved on. Our own brothers became their mouthpiece that convinced us that the killing was either sponsored by opposition or is being carried out by people from another country. The Herdsmen remains vindicated to date. THE NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!

Meanwhile, Kanu’s disappearance in 2017 put Nigeria in a state of speculation as nobody knew exactly what happened, even the Military themselves could not account for the event that they masterminded as professionals. That alone got me very worried because it was like stirring the bee nest. But in the usual IPOB manner, they took in the pain and stayed cool because they always emphasized on what they call Command and Control”.

Having followed their activities for a while, I exactly know the discipline behind that word “Command and Control”, it has been their strength and one of their bane. But I am not discussing on that for now, though it is a “Term” that should worry all of us as Nigerians living among IPOB members.

For instance, unarmed youths that will watch their fellow fall and die, the others will step over him and step forward to be shut. But it shocked me more to learn that they will not retaliate because command and control prohibits it. WORRISOME INDEED!


Concept of playing the Ostrich

Ostrich is the biggest bird in the world that has a funny sense of security. When an Ostrich senses danger or is exposed to danger, it will run away and tries to hide from the danger.

To do this, the Ostrich will use its long and hard beak to dig deep into the ground and bury its head in the sand while leaving its massive body exposed to the world. Most times if it were attacked by Carnivores like Lion, it will be devoured.

To the Ostrich, hiding its face in the sand is enough, but that is exactly when it killed itself. Considering its size, fighting back could have even given it better chance at survival.


Fast forward to 2018, Nigeria had carried on with their political activities after Kanu had been hounded like animal and his followers butchered with no remorse, the period of countless promise and endless counter-promises that only God knows has come again. Heightened and tensed with the desperation and intrigues of the 2019 election that has continued to give me the jitters.

OCTOBER, 2018, Eventually, Nnamdi Kanu reappeared from nowhere and was seen in Israel. Political Pundits and Propagandist, including his ardent followers who have acquired new pay masters jumped on it. It was trending news, it was a guarantee for traffic to grow AdSense and make more money.

They said he has come to help Atiku vote Buhari out of power, others said he has come to work with Buhari by declaring no election in the South-East and South-South so that Buhari will use the votes from the other states to win.

While these raged on, I was asking when Kanu said all these since it was just a video of his that surfaced, all the way from Israel. Ruminating on the Social Media Stunts made me pity Nigeria more…


After the broadcast, I got so worried about the mentality of our people, Nigerians, especially the youths. KANU boldly spoke from Israel, Lia Mohammed opened his mouth and Israel shut him down with a serious threat.

KANU is promising Nigeria the ASSAD style of revenge yet Nigeria is still calling him a fool.

Amidst our tight security of soldiers, KANU slipped through to Israel even while they still have his passport and he ascribed it to Israel and thanked IPOB security. A sane country like America will be worried and making diplomatic deals. But here Nanana! We win every issue on social media with retinue of Facebook Soldiers and well-paid media that knows how to water down a worrisome event.

We know nothing until we see it. If anybody told Nigeria we will still be depleting Boko Haram till today, we would’ve laughed it off.

Creating a scenario that worries me most: Assuming Nnamdi who by all ramifications seems willing to die for his cause decides to come back to Nigeria through whatever means he left Nigeria and the Nigeria Army learns of it, orders Operation Python Dance III or IV, Nnamdi Kalu decided to order the radicalized IPOB Die-Hards to pick arms and defend him/themselves. In the process, one Soldier goes down, two IPOB members goes down and eventually few innocent citizens goes down by stray bullets. That’s how a war starts. Though we don’t learn from history (Sorry I forgot we don’t even have one, no we had one, but I heard it is now hidden from Nigerians and the New Generation)

Would we have said that attacking Nnamdi Kanu was a wise decision or were we just playing the Ostrich?

There is limit to how far you can push a man. Even a fowl can fight back before being slaughtered for Christmas Stew.

After Kanu’s broadcast from Israel, people have called him all sorts of names on Social Media without asking some pertinent questions.

  1. How did Kanu leave Nigeria without a passport?
  2. Has he curried the favour of UN and Israel that makes him speak boldly from there, threatening, and even thanking Israel and America for their support?
  3. If Israel will reply Lia Mohammed within hours with greater threat, shouldn’t we be thinking in that direction?

We say Kanu has a loud mouth and forget that he is learned and has used his loud mouth to force Nigeria Government to dance according to his tune until he now has the sympathy of Israel and United Nation. We should be worried.

But while we all may decide to think in one direction, I, Comrade Amos Kalu (Fairymonk), has decided to think outside the box because in as much as Nigeria’s history will remain hidden, I intend to write a history my children will read so that it will not appear to them like Chinua Achabe’s  “There was a Nation”.





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