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It is wrong impression to believe that people only expect every other leader to fail as a result of bad precedence occasioned by many failed leaders. Then when they see anyone determined to make a difference, they insist that he must fail.

To those of you that has lost hope in Abia State, I wish you goodluck in the states you have run to. It only means that you had already lost hope in yourself as a person and so cannot contribute anything meaningful to the restoration of our dear state, Abia. But I strongly believe that in as much as we cannot beat up our leaders to bring them to their senses or twist their arms to remember what their responsibilities are, our part as youths here will remain to applaud those leaders doing well to challenge the dormant ones. Until Abia is restored to God’s own State, we owe no apology to any man or woman that has lost hope in himself.Hon. Uko Nkole has made giant strides that needs complimenting by any well-meaning Abian.

I am neither a praise-singer or a wailer, nor am I paid to do either of both. But I see reasons to identify with intuitive leadership for the purpose of encouraging good accountability in leadership.

  • Hon. Nkole was the man that attracted the on-going construction of Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Road under the contract of KDI Group. The Project was awarded to the tune of N2.2Billion and mobilization payment of N600million has been paid while another N400million voucher in being raised by the Federal Government to ensure the project in completed on record time.
  • He has provided a water project at Ndi Okereke Abam to ensure clean water for the people.
  • His construction of Anyim Bridge at Atani Abam is aimed at ensuring access of the neighboring villages to ease long years suffering
  • Afagala Bridge at Idima Abam has been constructed to give the people a sense of belonging in a democratic dispensation.
  • Ndi Ememe Abam has been provided with a Standard Health Center because only healthy human can think of wealth.
  • He has initiated a Surface water scheme at Abam (the treatment plant is under construction)
  • Amuvi water Scheme is under way at Arochukwu, because he believes that water is life.

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  • Obienne Primary School has been provided with classroom blocks to emphasize on the importance of education to the people.
  • Ihechiowa has been provided with Low Tension Cables to support their Rural Electrification Project because of Uko’s ardent belief that light must shine in every darkness in the life of his people.
  • Ihenta Water Scheme in Ohafia is on-going to provide portable water to the community.
  • A One Bedroom Apartment was constructed for a Widow at Ndi Ememe Abam and has handed over during last Christmas by Wife of the Abia State Governor to the glory of God.
  • Another One Bedroom Apartment was given to a widow at Ndi Mgbaga in Ohafia
  • Water Reticulation at Eziukwu and Mgbaga from Ekeluogo Water Scheme is now in place.
  • Another on-going 5 Blocks Classroom at Amanku Ohafia speaks volumes of Nkole’s love for education.
  • A Solar Street light has been put in place to light up Okagwe and Nkwebi Ohafia.
  • Uko Nkole Partnered with CHAMA (a Canada based NGO) to build a 6 Blocks-Classroom for Ndi Aku in Ohafia. This particular Community has been without a Primary School for over 100years.
  • He has also embarked on rehabilitation of Ishi Mmiri Water Scheme at Elu Ohafia.
  • The Abiriba Water Scheme has been moribund for over 20years. It has presently been rehabilitated and usable.
  • As early as possible in 2017, a construction of 6-Blocks Classrooms will commence at Mkporo Comprehensive High School.

I will not conclude this efforts without mentioning that Hon. Uko Nkole celebrated 2016 Christmas with all women from Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency with Bags of Rice and cash gifts that is still on the lips of every Okoda man and women of this constituency. He insisted that we don’t write about it, but I didn’t see enough reason not to write about it because any good politician should feed his people during his reign, not during the next electioneering campaign.

One don’t have to kill 1000 lions before he is bestowed with the title of “Ogbu Agu”. I have been privileged to know some of the future projects of this amiable leader of note and I will not take take liberty of naming them until I am sure they are in place like the ones mentioned above.

Ride on Hon. Uko Nkole, we will continue to spread the good news as long as you will continue to be the good leader that you have choosen to be. It is a choice you have made. May God guide your path with more wisdom.

Amos Kalu writes from Aba

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