Lekki Massacre: Nnamdi Kanu apologises to Yoruba Nation Over Doctored Audio (Watch Zoom)

OHAFIA-TV News | Lekki Massacre: Nnamdi Kanu apologises to Yoruba Nation Over Doctored Audio (Watch Zoom)

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has in the zoom video bellow apologized to all Nigerians and the Yoruba people in particular over misconstruing of his emergency broadcast made in the heat of the moment of the Lekki Massacre when he was standing in solidarity with the massacred peaceful protesters.

The said audio which has long gone viral and raising tension, especially over speculations that the Yoruba community may attack Igbo Businesses, has become a tool in the hands of wicked and evil government of President Buhari who had doctored it to create hatred for the Igbos and introduce ethnic angle to the genuine struggle of the Nigeria Youths demanding for a better society.

Kanu said that at no point did he order anybody to attack Lagos because as a son from a royal family, he understood the sacredness of the office and couldn’t have dreamed of such action as to order any human being to attack the royal stool of Yoruba land, not even in his wildest imagination. Rather he insisted that this is an attempt to bring ethnic coloration into a genuine struggle in other to divide and conquer the South to continue to perpetuate Northern superiority and their enthroned subjugation.

In the Zoom Conference that lasted over an hour, one of the speakers adviced Kanu to come out more because he remains one of the most misunderstood human being on earth, but stated that after listening to his clarification on the issue, he has dropped his resentment of Kanu’s person to appreciate him as one of the greatest personality Nigeria should listen to in order to move forward.

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After FFK and everyone had made their contributions, Nnamdi Kanu whom the conference was centered on his doctored audio said that the ethnic card being played by those holding Nigeria down has failed, but insisted that it remains one card they are yet to play which is religious card. He invited Nigerians to endeavor to listen to the original broadcast to truly understand his perspective which is different from the doctored version that has gone viral.

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He therefore called on Nigeria youths to be resolute to never give in to these antics because if they didn’t succeed in the next religious gamble, then the youths should expect to have a Nigeria where jobs and 24hours electricity will be possible.

Watch Full Zoom Video bellow:

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