LGA Polls: Mben Political Assembly Charges On Free and Fair Election

OHAFIA-TV News | LGA Polls: Mben Political Assembly Charges On Free and Fair Election


1.. The time is here. Ugo eberele a’ngbagbu

2.. Tomorrow, Ohafia local government will join the rest of Abia State to elect councillors and chairmen who will hold sway for the next two years.

3… This exercise affords us the opportunity to decide who assumes the helm of affairs of the tier of government that’s closest to us – the Ohafia Local Government.

4… As Ohafia, we can’t gloss over this election. There is the adage that states that it’s what one is at home that one manifests outside. In other words, a person that is bankrupt at home, can’t be of any utility outside.

5… This election, if it’s free and fair, can be litmus test for the Ohafia political sagacity and strength which most of us have eloquently spoken about, relished in our writings or proudly shown in our behaviour to our neighbours.

6… This is the time to demonstrate we’re afterall correct and should be taken seriously. We have to be seen to have voted in large numbers and that our votes produced the winner of the chairmanship poll.

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7… Democracy is a game of numbers. It always favours the majority. Of course, whoever that is perceived to be alone, in a democracy, suffers political obscurity. We can’t afford to be aloof from the power equation.

8… In the run up to Abia State governorship election, politicians and political analysts will look at the local government poll, if it’s transparent to judge who is strong at where and who will be good asset for alliances and partnerships, across borders.

9… Let’s make a positive statement for ourselves by coming out to vote on Friday, December 18. The population of Ohafia ofu r’ishi signposts we are capable of generating as much as 70% of the vote cast at the local government. We should achieve that.

10… If we show domineering power at the local government, it will make our shot at the centre (Abia governorship) plausible and easier.

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11… Let’s mobilize our people across our villages, age grades, ezi and ikwu and so on to come out en masse and vote.

12… Those living outside Ohafia but around the state are encouraged to be present at home to mobilize others or to vote.

Onuru, zia ibe ya. Together. we’ll make it. Kaa ni.

Chief Emele Onu
Director of Publicity, MPA.

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