My Experience with Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, Engr Nuno – Comr Amos Kalu

Engineer Nuno Nabiam is the current Prime Minister of Republic of Guinea Bissau, haven been appointed and sworn in by HE Umaro Sissoko Embalo on 29th February, 2020.

For the period we spent with him during the election campaigns and before then, Engr Nuno Gomes Nabiam is a strikingly perfect gentleman with passion for the progress and Unity of Republic of Guinea Bissau.

At every point in time during our discussions, his vision for Guinea Bissau is out of the blue as he always create images that gives you hope for the Republic in the nearest future.

Haven been appointed the Prime Minister, there’s no doubt that he will use his position to work for the unity of the Republic, and considering the mutual and respected cordial relationship that exists between him and the President, General Umaro Sissoco Embalo, USE, I have no doubt that the duo will leave no stones upturned until Guinea Bissau is pushed to her greatest potentials of a truly independent and sovereign Republic.

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Engr Nuno Nabiam remains the most respected and loved politician in Guinea Bissau after the great Kumba Yala and has continued to enjoy this goodwill as the political pendulum of Guinea Bissau rest predominantly on the direction he swing.

Sir, I am proud to know you and to have associated with you. You’re a true definition of a perfect gentleman and always true to your words. A pragmatic leader that has a place in the hearts of ordinary people of your country. May your period as a Prime Minister be a yardstick to measure the future of your dear Republic.

God will guide you always

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