By: Dr. Olugu Ukpai, Ph.D

Amnesty International and other human right bodies, UN, AU, EU and so on must investigate the use of excessive and lethal force by the military, including the use of military combatant jets, against largely peaceful anti-government IPOB protesters, which left at least 15? dead and hundreds injured last between 12th to 14th Sept, 2017.

Evidence suggests that little or no warning was given by the military before they opened fire on protesters, some of whom had their hands up and many of whom were shot in the back as they attempted to flee. Under Nigerian law the military was not even authorized to be deployed in such circumstances, expect the police.

Invading the home of the IPOB leader without warrant and opening fire without warning on peaceful protesters who clearly posed no threat to anyone is an outrageous and unacceptable use of excessive force which resulted in multiple deaths and hundreds of bloody injuries.

This last gasp attempt to crush legitimate protest and prop-up the highly marginalised and insensitive administration of President Muhammed Buhari resulted in the most violent repression by the military seen in Nigeria for decades.

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It is worrisome to note that there is no any other tribe in Nigeria that has ever received this kind of humiliation, hatred, pervasive injustice in the history of Nigeria like the Igbos of South Eastern Nigeria. In the civilized world, peaceful protest is a form of pressure group to draw government’s attention to a need. It is only in a figurative ZOO like Nigeria that protesters’’ rights are crushed.

My heart goes out to the families and parents who have loss their children and loved ones to this unnecessary military lethal show of armoury against innocent protesters. This reckless military invasion and killing must be investigated at the right time. The gate of prison at Hague that swallowed up Charles Taylor remains wide open for the Nigerian military dictators. It’s just a matter of time.



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