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His Achievements Stares at you…


  • Ndi Okereke Abam Water Schem

  • An ongoing surface water scheme and treatment And treatment plant at Abam

  • Ibina Ohafia Water Scheme

  • Amuvi Water Scheme, Arochukwu

  • Water reticulation at Eziukwu and Mgbaga from Ekeluogo Water Scheme, Ebem Ohafia

*Rehabilitation of Ishi Mmiri Elu, Ohafia and the inclusion of reticulation in 2018 budget.

  • Rehabilitation and ongoing reticulation of Abiriba water scheme which has been moribund for over 20 years


  • Borehole at Umuzomgbo, Ihechiowa

*Construction of a borehole water at Amuke Ohafia

  • Attracted the Federal Government attention to fund the Abandoned Asaga water scheme.


  • Construction of a borehole in Asaga, Arochukwu

  • Rehabilitation of Achara Ihechiowa Community Water Scheme


  • Rehabilitation of Anyim bridge that links Abia to Akwaibom State in Atani Abam completed since 2016


  • Rehabilitation of Afagala bridge , Idima Abam completed since 2016

*Ongoing Rehabilitation of Ndi Ebe Abam bailey bridge- 70%

*Palliative repairs of Mmuri bridge , Ebem Ohafia and its approaches for ease of movement in all seasons and the inclusion of reconstruction in 2018 budget.

  • Attracted the ongoing Construction of Arochukwu/Ohafia bridge (Omenuko Bridge, Igwu River, Ozu Abam ).

*Construction of one bedroom apartment for a widow at Ndi Ememe Abam.

*Construction of one bedroom apartment for a widow at Mgbaga ,Ebem Ohafia

  • Construction of a corpers lodge from lintel level: a project embarked upon by the Amuru Abam Women in 2017.


  • Tiling the Auditorium of The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Ameke Abam and Ndi Oji Abam Parish in 2018 including the renovation of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Atani Abam .

*Donated over 100 bags of cement for palliative work to control drainage in Elu Ohafia.

  • Construction of lock up stores from lintel level: a project embarked upon by the Nkewbi Youths, Ohafia.


*Rehabilitation and Equipping of Ndi Ememe Abam Primary Health Centre completed in 2016.

  • Ongoing construction of a Primary Health Centre in Amanta, Abiriba.


  • Ongoing rehabilitation of Asaga Ohafia Health Centre

  • Procurement of drugs and health equipment distributed to General hospitals and health centres in Arochukwu and Ohafia.

Ututu Cottage Hospital,
Ndi Ememe Abam PHC,
Amuru Abam PHC,
Ndi Ebe Abam PHC,
Akanu Ohafia PHC,
Abia Ohafia PHC,
Ozu Abam PHC

  • Payment of hospital bills to some indigent patients.


  • Supported financially the 2015/2016 CHAMA free medical scheme for those that undergone surgery.


  • Attraction of a solar based E-learning centre with over 40 computer sets at Abam High School, Ozu Abam.

*Provision of school desks for Ofali Agwu Community SchooL, Amaekpu Ohafia.

  • Ongoing construction of 5 classroom blocks in Amankwu Ohafia.

*Provision of school desks and exercise Books for Amaogudu Community School, Abiriba.

  • Moved a bill for an act to establish the Federal Polytechnic Abiriba which has scaled through public hearing stage and due for third reading
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Already, the take off site and the facilities at Onarubi Technical Secondary School, Abiriba has been inspected and approved.

*A bill for An Act to Establish the Federal College of Agriculture, Ozu Abam in Arochukwu LGA is on the process

  • Provision of school desks for Amamba/Ukpo Community School, Abiriba.


  • Construction and furnishing of an administrative block for Nkporo Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkporo Ohafia.

  • Provision of school desks and executive office furniture to Nkporo Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkporo Ohafia.

  • Construction of five classroom block and a laboratory for Obiene Technical School, Ututu.

  • In partnership with CHAMA (A Canada based NGO), Hon. Uko Nkole built a six classroom block at Ndi Aku Ohafia, a village in Ohafia that has existed for 100 years without any Elementary school.

*Registration of First School Leaving Certificate Examination for over 600 indigent pupils in Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

  • Grants, Bursaries to indigent pupils/students in the Federal Constituency


*Power Enhancement for Ndi Ememe, Odonyi College road, Abam.

*Provision and installation of Transformers for the following;

Hospital road, Elu
Isiama Layout, Amaekpu,
Abam community,
Atan Abam,
Akanu Ohafia,
Timber shade, Ebem.

*Enhancement of Electricity with A sub-station within the premises of Hope Waddel University and her precinct in Okagwe Ohafia.

*Restoration of light in Ndi Ibe and Oboro Ohafia.

  • Installation of solar street lights in Okagwe , Oboro and Nkwebi Ohafia.


  • Provision of low tension cables to support rural electrification in Ndi Okpo Ihechiowa.

  • He has also taken up and addressing the issue of overbilling of members of his constituency by EEDC.

  • Provision of 33KVA Transformer for Atan Abam who has been without electricity for over 9 years.

  • Restoration of Mgbaga, Ebem Ohafia Electricity.


  • Attracted the ongoing construction of Bende-Idima Abam road

*Ongoing construction of Amaukabi 1km road in Amangwu Ohafia which is 90% completion.

  • Payment of counterpart fund Okon-Aku Ohafia community to enable Abia State Community Social Development Programme (AB-CSDP) rehabilitates the Amafia road in Okon-Aku Ohafia.


  • Influenced the return to site of the contractor handling the ongoing rehabilitation of the Arochukwu- Ohafia- Abiriba federal road, Beks Kimse Nigeria Limited.

*Attracted the ongoing repairs of Phase 11 and rehabilitation of the Umuahia-Bende- Abam- Ohafia federal road by the Federal Government.

  • Attracted the construction of Abiriba-Nkporo-Ohafia road currently under execution by the Federal Ministry of Works with the project scope : Abiriba through Amurie-Etitiama-Elughu Nkporo-Nguzu Junction, Ohafia.


  • Put into 2018 budget the rehabilitation of Okagwe-Nkwebi-Oboro Ohafia road.

  • Facilitated the return to site of the contractor handling the Eziafor Ohafia-Biakpan road project by NDDC.

  • Nominated the construction of Okagwe-Osso Edda road that will connect Ohafia and Ebonyi State which I am working out in synergy with Senator Sonni Ogbuoji from Ebonyi State.

  • Attracted the construction of Agboji Abiriba-Nkwebi Ohafia road

  • Attracted the construction of Ndi Okorie-Eziafor-Atan- Ndi Oji Abam Ring Road.

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  • Introduced the E GO GO AGAIN SHUTTLE for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

*Donated buses to;

i) National Union of Road Transport, Ohafia.

ii) Abam Council of Ndi Eze Ogo

iii) Equipped Ohafia PDP Abia State leaders with vehicles including individuals, clergymen, groups…

iv) Equipped Wards, Groups and Individuals with Motorcycles.


  • Organized an Entrepreneurship Development Training for his constituency.


  • Empowering the women with finance to boost their business and training of youths in different vocations.

*Secured job for over 150 unemployed graduates in the Federal Civil Service



1.Peter Uke Ohaeke- Idima Abam
Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

2.Agwu Irem – Ovukwu Abam
Ministry of Science and Technology.

3.Ijoma Dickson – Ndi Oji Abam
Ministry of Labour and Employment.

  1. Ijechukwu Egbuta – Ohafor, Ozu Abam
    Ministry of Education.


  2. Ogbu James- Ohafor Ozu Abam
    Bureau of Public Procurement.

  3. Ume Uka – Ohafor -Ozu Abam
    Office of Auditor General of the Federation.

  4. Okorie Mary Thompson Okereke -Ozu Abam
    Ministry of Education.

  5. Prince Emeaba – Ameke Abam
    Federal Medical Center, Umuahia.

  6. Friday Oge, Ndi Ebe Abam
    Federal Ministry of Education.

  7. Odachi Kalu Okereke -Ndi Ibom
    Federal Capital Territory Health Services.

  8. Promise Uchechi Okorie- Ozu Abam
    Ministry of Trade and Investment.

  9. Ojebe Orji-Ozu Abam
    Federal Ministry of Information.

  10. Aki Obuba Erem -Asaga Ohafia
    Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation.

  11. Chiori, Chiori Inyama -Asaga Ohafia
    Federal Ministry of Finance.

  12. Ukoh Ifeoma Doris -Asaga Ohafia
    Federal Ministry of Information.

  13. Nkwa Ndukwe Iro -Ebem Ohafia
    Federal Ministry of Education.

  14. Ukiwe Kalu Ebitu -Abiriba
    Federal Ministry of Works, Power and Housing.

  15. Dr. Ufere Aso -Nkporo Ohafia
    Federal Ministry of Health.

  16. Kenneth Kalu – Ututu
    Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.

  17. Raphaelmario Kalu Okore, Ututu
    Ministry of Education.

  18. Dr. Josephine Kalu- Ututu
    Federal Ministry of Health.

  19. Ndukwe Ijechukwu Okoro
    Federal Ministry of Education.

  20. Chukwudi Jude –
    Federal Ministry of Education.

  21. Chinomso Victor Ozukwe
    Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

  22. Onwumere Ojinnaka Vincent
    Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation.

  23. Chukwu Jonah Okorouku- Idima, Ohaeke Abam
    Office of the Vice President, National Social Investment Office.


  1. Ucha Blessing Kalu -Nigerian Navy
    Amuma Ohafia.


  2. Kalu Samuel Okonkwo -Nigerian Navy
    Amaeke Abiriba.

  3. Kalu Favour Chinedu -Nigerian Navy
    Elughu Nkporo.

  4. Ekeh Joy Sunday -Nigerian Navy
    Okpo, Ihechiowa.

  5. Akachi Daniel Akabueze -Nigerian Navy
    Amuvi Arochukwu.

  6. Okereke Michael Iheanacho – Nigerian Navy,
    Isu, Arochukwu

  7. Udonsi Belinda Ezinne – Nigerian Navy
    Ujari Arochukwu.

  8. Egbuta Samuel Agwu -Nigerian Navy
    Ndi Oji Abam

  9. Kalu John Nmaju -Nigerian Navy
    Ozu Abam.

  10. Okorie Olaka -Nigerian Navy
    Atani Abam.

  11. Azu Chinazam Amos- Nigerian Army
    Ndi Okereke Abam.

  12. Edward Ikenna-Nelson – Nigerian Army
    Ozu Abam.

  13. Obasi Ibuchim Awa – Nigerian Airforce
    Ndi Ojiaku Abam

  14. Kalu Chinalurum Oyeoku – Nigerian Navy
    Ebem Ohafia.

  15. Kalu Samuel Okoronkwo – Nigerian Navy
    Amaeke Abam

  16. Okoronkwo Emmanuel Chigozie -Nigerian Navy
    Amuvi, Arochukwu.

  17. Kalu Chukwuemeka Ota -Nigerian Navy
    Okagwe Ohafia

  18. Nwokoro Nkechi Grace – Nigerian Navy
    Amuvi, Arochukwu.

  19. Okoro Chikwado Ezekiel -Nigerian Navy
    Asaga, Arochukwu.

  20. Onoh Emmanuel Chimaeze, Nigerian Navy

  21. Stephen Okoroafor- Nigerian Army
    Eziafor Abam

  22. Kalu Michael- Nigerian Army
    Ndi Okereke Abam

  23. Prince Okorie- Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC
    Ozu Abam

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As a federal law maker, he has sponsored bills and motions in the following areas;
i) A Bill for An Act CAP F17 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, to establish the Federal Polytechnic, Abiriba which has scaled through public hearing stage and due for third reading

ii) Motion on the deplorable condition of Arochukwu-Ohafia Road in Abia State.

iii) Motion on threating gully Erosion in Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency in Abia State.

iv) Motion to mandate the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administration to Restructure the Park and Pay Policies in line with the Best practices

v) Motion on the Abandonment of Nkporo-Abiriba-Ohafia Road.

vi) Motion on Urgent need for intervention to resuscitate the 132/33 KV Arochukwu Electricity, substation.

vii) Motion on Urgent need for the continued voters Registration Exercise to be conducted in ward and Registration units Nationwide.

viii) Urgent need for intervention to address the Emergency Humanitarian situation at Ndi Ibe Ohafia, Amibe Ezioke Ward in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State.

ix) Urgent need to address the subversion of due process and outright corruption by the management of Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC).

x) Motion on the need for the Federal Ministry of Education to regularize the appointments of teachers employed by the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of the Federal Government College Ohafia, Abia State and all other affected Federal Government Colleges Nationwide.

xi) Motion on the need for the Executive Arm of Government to look into the over population and dilapidated structures of National Youths Service Corps and Orientation Camps in the states of the federation.

xii) A bill for an Act to Establish the Federal College of Agriculture Abam in Arochukwu LGA which is on the process.

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