By: Chiemeka Sky

The events in the Senate today are exactly why Nnamdi is winning the ideological battle. He has apparently looked at the Nigerian situation and the characters running it. He has seen the entrenched position of the North and their unwillingness to relinquish the skewed advantage bequeathed to them by Northern military heads of states. He has probably come to the sad conclusion that the north will never allow any meaningful restructuring of this country.

Out of 95 senators 48 voted against restructuring of powers. Of course we know where those 48 are from.

That is the problem.
That the political equation of the nation was so skewed in favour of the North that the three southern zones even if they voted in unison cannot get a majority in either house.

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Indeed it is so skewed against the Igbos that the number of reps from kano alone is bigger than the number from 3 Igbo states. Only kano and one other state from the north west has the total number of reps from the whole East.

How then do you effect any change the Northerners do not want?

It is to all intent and purposes dead on arrival.

A million e warriors (myself included) were all over the place mocking kanu and saying he should mobilize votes for people with his agenda to win the elections for reps and Senate.

But information I have shows that the Igbo caucus voted as a block for restructuring, the south South caucus also did the same, but that’s 15 + 18 (33). I am sure the other 14 were South West senators with some not being present.

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Same with the land use act: Northern senators mobilized and concluded that that law will allow resource control. So they voted as a block against it. Nothing the south west, South East, or south South could do.
So essentially, kanu is right.

The Nigerian system has foreclosed any attempt at change.

The Igbo nation cannot propagate their world view as a people without being obstructed by external nations. Same with the Yoruba nation. If the Igbo are traders and business men, they cannot make laws that will aid businesses and increase growth because some people will vote it down if they feel it will empower the Igbo. Same for other nationalities.

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With this in mind, it is now obvious that kanu’s agitation for biafra may actually be the only logical position. It is clear that northern politicians will rather not have the nation restructured.

But then, the status quo is unacceptable and at some point, something must give way.

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