Nnamdi Kanu and the albatross of Niger Delta So-Called Freedom Fighters

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For few days now, I have come under serious pressure and mild attack from my readers for carrying some articles by one embattled Russell Bluejack, the self-acclaimed-side-show-freedom-fighter, who has taken it open himself to vehemently attack his former mentor at every provocation. In his last vituperation, he called them “Uncouth Online Dogs”, well that is not my business since they have their pen to dissect him or let it stand. He threw a challenge at the entire IPOB members by saying he has been the one editing all their write-ups before they go public, which in order words, mean that they are all half baked writers who have lost their value since he left them, that apart, though I see such claim as preposterous.

As a Media Practitioner and Professional Journalist of repute, it is within my professional duty to report all and sundry news, irrespective of whose ass is gored. Therefore I will categorically say I am under no obligation to promise you that I will do my duty with any fear or favor. But that’s just a part of the main issue. All I am saying is that I will continue to do justice to all news from either enemies or foes alike. Get used to it please.

For the records, I want to forehand state that whatever opinion I am going to air here is on my personal disposition, not necessarily because I am supporting any of the actors, but because it behooves on me to make investigation on sensitive issues and react to them accordingly, especially now that I am under pressure to defend my action. I am not holding brief for, or advocating for Mazi Nnamdi kanu or IPOB, and/or any other party for that matter. I am only speaking as a Nigerian that has followed the activities of the men in question here from as far back as 2016, when their relationship would be assumed cordial, when Russell Bluejack was still hero-worshiping his mentor Nnamdi Kanu who will never reply to his endless tantrums.

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In this respect therefore, I will thus submit:

  1. After reading some write ups by Russell Bluejack of late, I summarily concluded that he is a fly that thinks himself a bird; It always ends in the middle of the river because his attacks seems to lack substance or direction parse, for as long as I can remember, he is too invisible for the assertions he made on his ‘Self Praise”Episode against IPOB and her leaders. Let’s assume that most of the claims he made were true (Like everybody begging him to come and lead IPOB), who would believe him in this line he has chosen to tow, the path of seeking honor with dishonor. Doesn’t he think it is a card he should’ve kept close to his chest? Have Russel Bluejack acted differently from all the crimes and methods he accused his mentor of? Which means he thought him well, given the same method he has adopted to address the entire IPOB members as “Uncouth Dogs”,
  • I do not really understand what the Citizens from Niger Delta understand as freedom fighting and I have come to term their method as “Niger Delta Phenomena”, I will explain more. Niger Delta Youth Leaders have over the years adopted a method of agitation called “Pipeline Vandalism” in as much as they do not have the inkling that their people needed to be free from exploitation, they resort to demands from Federal Government and Amnesty that ends in producing war-lords fighting for control of the territory because the more territory you control, the more you get paid. So I begin to wonder why Russell Bluejack wants to equate that with what their brothers in the hinterland are doing.  Where is the Niger Delta Avengers and co? They’ve been paid handsomely and they have abandoned their course. Therefore I will advice Russell Bluejack not to confuse freedom fighting with militancy. What impact has this method made in alleviating the condition of his people vis-avis “Ogoni Cleanup” and other clandestine social related issues? I think they only got worse compared to the impact the uncouth IPOB have caused the Nigeria government in dealing with South-Easterners. I stand to be corrected here.
  • The method was setting the Niger Delta War-Lords against each other to conquer them. Now Asari Dokubo has seemed to become less relevant and he recently started riding on Nnamdi Kanu’s back to regain fame. (At least that one has kept his head above waters). But who is this one called Russell Bluejack? Why is he so eager to be reorganized by riding on Nnamdi Kanu’s name? Is this really the Niger-Delta Phenomenon for freedom fighting? Who has paid Russell Bluejack to tow this line, to eat his vomit? Why has it betrayal of trust become a trademark of these people that needs liberation even more than the people fighting for them? Too many rhetoric questions begging for answers.
  • Space will not permit me to respond to all his claims word by word, but let me point out some salient issues addressed by him. He repeatedly called NK a leader seeking for power and fame and greedy and so on. But I have reasons to believe that in the history of freedom fighting in Africa and beyond, NK has proved to be one of the most consistent and unwavering personalities to date, who has passed through fire and brimstone to come out stronger in his resolve. I am sure he would’ve become the richest Igbo man had he succumbed to enticements and promises of the Federal Government like Asari Dokubo, Ralph Uwazuruike and the likes did. But he resisted that, including torture and came out of prison with stringent conditions. I want Russell Bluejack to know that the Federal Government would’ve paid him well and kept their promises has he compromised, even till tomorrow because our leaders can part with anything as far as it will keep Nigeria one. So I am sure your seminars and missionary work approach couldn’t have shaken Nigeria the way IPOB has. We only know you exist because you started telling us by yourself that is why people like me will continue to help you in spreading it for them to know you’re contributing too, so that the next payday of “Nnamdi Kanu fighters” will not pass you by.
  • You spoke about Nnamdi Kanu running out of jail in a hurry. It is a fool that would see death and stand even when you know your death would’ve amounted to nothing. Knowing what Nigeria is and how bent are they to silence any dissenting voice to the status quo, one will begin to wonder what interest most of you has in his death because you are celebrating his death more than the life he is still enjoying. His being alive seems to be pissing you and many people off, why is that so?
  • Let me end this piece by quoting you verbatim here: I have asked serious groups in Ala-Igbo to continue to work with me. We can get it right without sacrificing the lives of our people. We must work hard to unite our political and traditional stakeholders”. This I see as the bone of contention. Russell Bluejack is announcing that he has started his own freedom fighting now and needs followers. His assertion may be right, but I am not sure he is going to achieve this by using the same method of Nnamdi kanu that he has condemned for its follies. We are expecting you to come out bolder and stop extorting people in the name of uniting them. You collected N500,000 from Nnamdi Kanu and I am sure you are still collecting more from others to hold your seminars and keep the balance. Use the money well because Nigeria needs a more drastic approach than writing from behind your wife’s wrapper. Be a man and confront the monster heads on. We have heard your introduction; we are waiting for your actions. Step up your game.
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