Nnamdi Kanu’s Former Ally, Russell Bluejack Hits IPOB Leader Hard Again, Call them: “Uncouth Online Dogs”.

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He wrote:

My response to one of IPOB’s uncouth online dogs.


Chidozie Dosky, you can see that we are not mates. I was sent for 3 times in two months when Kanu was in Umuahia. Your so-called leader was so clueless about the revolution that he was always sending for me. I was the one that made the Ogoni movement and returned with a positive nod from Ogoni. I was the one he sent for when the IYC (Ijaw Youths Council) openly rejected him and Biafra. Your foolish leader sent for me and pleaded with me to fix that. He sent the sum of 500k through Amarachi for our logistics. Well, I visited the Chairman of Ijaw Elders’ Council (Wari Senibo Prince Mac-Pepple aka “Osimini”) and returned to Afaraukwu with the solution. Your Kanu was so happy with the result I was able to produce in a week. Do you know why the Ogoni movement failed? The day your leader was supposed to meet the entire stakeholders from Ogoni in Port Harcourt, the military stopped his convoy and even shot at him in his car. You fools don’t even know why the military invaded his family house. It was because of what some idiots did that day. They charged at the few soldiers and disarmed them. Are you reading? Read oh. Someone that knows that your Kanu is empty is teaching you things.

Your Kanu knew that his IPOB was full of blind, brainless followers. He had to desert his IPOB for an independent thinker like me. It was then that I knew that you idiots did not even know how to get to stakeholders in the coast. I was the first person to reach the real stakeholders in our region. IPOB is empty, bro. I know you guys very well. I used to move from one IPOB zone to another in Rivers State and other states to deliver lessons. At a time in the struggle, I was the one editing every piece put out by your IPOB media worldwide. You guys are weak. Your high command fools used to call me every night. I used to be on the phone with Chukwudi Ofoma, Head of IPOB media worldwide, who resides in Australia. I don’t think you know him. Haha haha! I was always on the phone with Carol Munday, the fat British lady that has not been able to penetrate the House of Commons in her country. When I realized that she lacked substance, I concluded that IPOB was an extortionist group masquerading as freedom fighters.

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The fact that you don’t know me is a sign that you are nobody. Right now, there is a serious underground work by several groups to make your leader a persona non grata. I was on the phone with great leaders overseas yesterday. Bros, your Kanu will be dealt with very soon. Begin to feel for him. He will be punished. What I know, you can never know. I am respected all over the world for my steadfastness. I have been asked to become the overall leader, but I told them that all I want is the unity of tribes in our region. I still believe that politics provides another opportunity. That is why I am always in touch with the leader of Customary Government, MASSOB, BIM, BYNL, IPOB-DOS etc. They all see Kanu as a criminal using Biafra to enrich himself. Kanu almost wept when I left him. I cannot be with someone that allows his online idiots attack elders. That is nonsense! It is a sign that Kanu himself is a moral delinquent. Besides, IPOB does not have a blueprint for the struggle. Kanu is just noisy about nothing.

As for evidence of my series of meeting with your Kanu, feel free to search for the pictures on my wall. You call him leader, but I see him as a pretender. Kanu is after money and power. Don’t forget that he has not worked before. He was boy to Uwazuruike, from whom he hijacked the radio. I am not your mate. Facebook cannot make us mates, my dear. I have been an activist for many years. I lost faith in the political process in 2015 and joined the revolutionary train. I had no idea that someone like Kanu is a criminal. Now that I know him, I must expose him.

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I am not interested in fame or title: I just want what will free us all from this calculated regional socio-political slavery. Thus, if I see any model that fans the embers of slavery, I will fight it. The IPOB model further enslaves our people. It is my duty to speak up. No one pays me for being me. I was born this way. I am wired to always do the right thing. Kanu would have been a good ally, but his love for power, money, and religious supremacy messed things up. The Ibini Ukpabi Shrine in Arochukwu is responsible for the madness emanating from Kanu’s IPOB.

No true leader leaves jail in a hurry, even though he is aware that others are still there. Perhaps your Kanu was eager to resume being in charge of the dues you guys pay. I say so because Kanu had an opportunity to talk to his followers from prison, but he chose to complain about the paucity of funds. The leaked broadcast is in public domain. But how can a sincere leader avert his mind to money from prison? It is unheard of. Furthermore, my enslaved friend, why would a true leader take those queer bail conditions? Why was he in a hurry to leave jail? Lastly, when he left the confinement, why didn’t he traverse the entire region with the message of unity of tribes in the region? He remained in the East because he wanted to replace Ohanaeze. The man wanted power and money. For a man that had never worked before, the money spewing forth from his conquered slaves was all that mattered. I will continue to stand on the path of justice. I am a humanist. I am a thinker. We cannot get out of this mess without unity. May God help you all. Amen. I will continue to pray for you.

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I have asked serious groups in Ala-Igbo to continue to work with me. We can get it right without sacrificing the lives of our people. We must work hard to unite our political and traditional stakeholders. Therein lies the leeway out of our seemingly intractable problems. It takes time to get it right.

Comr. Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack

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