Captured from Okon-Aku, one of the 26 Villages that makes up Ohafia is a community. 

Like one the ohafia villages, Okon-Aku is still rooted in most of the traditional practices that characterize Ohafia as a way of life from the days of old.

Mgba (Wrestling) is one of the traditional entertainment used to test the abilities of the Ohafia youths because it is believed that a good wrestler will make a good warrior in war or any other endeavor.

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This tradition is one among many that proceed Iri iji (New Yam Ceremony) and sequel to the great Abiansi day (Dibia Day) for which Okon-Aku is know for.

Ohafia Tv promises to bring you most of the traditions that proceed New Yam Festival from around Ohafia and what each of them signifies to the people of Ohafia.





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