On my watch; Guinea Bissau must unite to decide our destiny – Nuno Nabiam

OHAFIA-TV News | On my watch; Guinea Bissau must unite to decide our destiny - Nuno Nabiam

The President of APU Party and the Presidential candidate in the forthcoming Guinea Bissau election has continued to make case in defense of his political ideology that “Power belongs to the people”, this has long formed the cardinal anchor on which his campaign and manifesto is premised.

Engr. NUNO NABIAM is a USA trained engineer who in 2014, out of the blue, took the political landscape of Guinea Bissau with storm as a private candidate. His rugged and astute political ideology of “Gemandede” became the hope every average and common man on the streets and all corners of the nation because there comes once upon a time in the life of every people when the paradigm of power and leadership must shift from the known (old) to the new methods that must guarantee the rapid growth of the nation through well-articulated and people-oriented policies to wit.

Having scored 25% in the firsts rounds and 40% in the second rounds of the general election in 2014 as an individual candidate, it is very certain that the political ideology of Engr. NUmo Nabiam Gomes has come to stay with the people who really yearn for change in the status quo.

“We have gone beyond time in the politics of our nation when we celebrate men as gods while the fortunes of our people lay waste in use. We must graduate to an era when we begin to remind ourselves that our nation needs to educated the youths to lay a more solid foundation for a future of a strong nation. We must realize that only good roads will encourage business to aide economic growth that will translate positively in the life of our people. We should know that instituting policies that will encourage healthy competition in areas of natural and human resources will spell good for Guinea Bissau” He said.

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Engr. Nabiam have used every fora both home and abroad to buttress the need for more bilateral relationship between Guinea Bissau and rest of the world as no nation can progress in isolation. Above all, he has continued to emphasize on the need for reconciliation among the people of Guinea Bissau.

“I am presenting myself as an instrument of reconciliation. When we have peace among ourselves, the nation will progress. We cannot continue to live in self-denial of the need for national unity among our citizens. I will work round the clock to ensure our people, especially our politicians see the reason to unite for the purpose of building a strong and virile nation, Guinea Bissau”

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