Onye Aba Ga-Aru Aba. The myth we almost believed – (No to media stampede Pt 2)

Orji Uzor Kalu-Theodore Orji-Okezie Ikpeazu

On a more serious note, without sounding ambiguous or biased, I speak for the generality of fellow Abia Youths who happened not to be privileged to be in the corridors of power to enjoy the dividends of democracy like the fews youths whose only job in the corridors of power is to shut us up when we say we are hungry or demand for good roads, or demand for good retirement welfare packages for our parents and/or any and more of all those basic rights that makes us citizens of Abia State.

My demand from Abia State government is not that Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is not a good man or do not have good plans because I know he is learned enough to have all the managerial know-how to wipe our tears, but my demand is that he should do more to make us directly feel the impact of his administration in the state through achievable economic goals (off the books), robust environmental and infrastructural upgrade to ameliorate the suffering of average Abian, especially the ones in Aba.

It is the highest level of disservice to us to allow a group of desperate youths in the name of PAs continue to make us believe that governance starts and ends in government house so much so that when my sisters, brothers, parents complain of non payment of salaries for months, the media watchdogs will tell them that all MDAs have been paid. Do these other people eat from the salaries of MDAs?

Why do we continue to see different exposures of pictures of Aba Road in Umuahia from most of these “political Hallelujah Boys”, but when I say Ngwa Road, Obohia Road, Omuma Road etc where the ordinary masses live are in bad shape, they call me fake news peddler, even when the evidence are staring them in the face? Are these roads also Federal roads, if they’re not, how many years will they remain under construction before we begin to enjoy them? even as the ones we were given in the first 4 years are already in disrepair.

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We asked for durable roads, the ones that will outlive every administration like we grew up to still see roads built by Chief Onunaka Mbakwe long after he was gone.

Why are they stampeding us into silence on social media when we complain that our Flyover has taken too long to complete because we admire the ones we see in the states around us but couldn’t enjoy our own? Why do they remind me that OUK did not build one when actually we rejoiced that OVI will make Aba a paradise for us to ech out our living as a result of those goodies we missed from his predecessors, knowing he was NWA ABA KWESIRI IRU ABA? Why are they making our Hope in a NEW ABA become a MYTH, yet they pummel us into criminal silence?

We are saying No to that. I am not a politician, I belong to No creed or class and I seek no compensation from government of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, I only represent the many voices and homes that cannot afford to live in Umuahia like the MEDIA WAR LORDS, neither can they leave for Lagos or Abuja like most of us have done.

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I am demanding that the governor listen to our cries and put more efforts in every of his achievements, let us leave the successful ones behind and move unto new grounds because we can’t keep celebrating one effort while abandoning many others begging for attention.

If at the end of the day NWA ABA ARUGHI ABA, none of the MEDIA “Kingpins” will be there to tell the next generation what happened when Ikpeazu’s works are assessed. At most or worst, only references will be made as they currently refer us to OUK and TAO, even when they knew that we didn’t bargain for competition with our past.

I will always insist that there is no competition in failure. There is no place for second best. There’s always time to use your time well.

HE, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, PhD, Kurutu 1 of NGWA LAND, please make us smile in ABIA STATE, Aba especially because we can hardly breath.

OHAFIA-TV News | Onye Aba Ga-Aru Aba. The myth we almost believed - (No to media stampede Pt 2)

Ya Gazie!. Abum SUNNYCHUKZ ISAAC (Iche Ijedimma 1st)

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