Open letter to White House over failing justice system in Nigeria – GIGG

Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG)

15th September, 2019


The White House,
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500,
United States of America.


  1. With an overwhelming sense of responsibility and concern towards the state of Nigeria, and considering the role America have played and continued to play around the world to ensure sustenance of the endless benefits of Democracy whose tenets anchors on the people for whom law are made and defended all over the world to strike a balance in the relationship between the governments and her citizens.

  2. We write you this open letter at this moment because we have a strong conviction that the time is ripe when the world should not continue to standby and watch the growing impunity and rape of a process Nigeria worked subserviently hard to enthrone since 1999 on the alter of endless sacrifices of patriots for which every well meaning Nigerian must hold dear.

  3. Concerned by the wanton display of calculated misdemeanor as displayed my Nigeria Judiciary, represented by Justice Garba Ahmed, on the 11th Day of September, 2019, brings to heart why such a day should be chosen to rape an entire nation, negatively significant in all meaning of the word “Negative”. We witnessed a situation where the Judge that should adjudicate justice became an advocate, a defense and judge for the second respondent, President Mohammadu Buhari, without recourse to the implication of the precedence being set and the attendant implication thereof on the entire nation even as we helplessly watch and hope.

  4. We are the Global Initiative for Good Governance and our beam-light have been trailed endlessly in Africa with the aim of helping to foster true emancipation in African leadership through education and constant sensitization, intervention and correction where necessary, and it is a burden upon us at this juncture to make efforts at ensuring that Nigeria is not allowed to spiral into anarchy as such phenomena will create a world crisis, should over 200 million people be displaced for the sublime ego of few.

  5. Our submissions are few in this respect: We want a situation where the diplomatic tie between United States of America and Nigeria be employed in subtle persuasion to have her Supreme court correct the mistakes that have been made by her appeal court. We will not border you with the endless rigor of the verdict process that is already in the public domain, but at the same time, we will point out that for our court of Justice to uphold that Mohamed Buhari and Mohammedu Buhari is the same just to uphold falsehood is setting a bad precedence for legal citation in the legal system of this great nation and if such is allowed to stand will cause ripple effect across other countries in Africa ad-infinitum.

  6. Permit me to also point out that, should this anomaly allowed to stand, it would’ve been established that the court of justice is no longer the last hope of the common man, when the hand of the law is twisted intentionally to accommodate the desires of few men. it is on this basis that we write to you for urgent intervention before we allow an action that will destroy our future as a nation.

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Having said these, I implore you to treat this as penitent and an emergency to foster continued existence of the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria.

Thank you in positive anticipation,


Dr, Emeka C. Kalu

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