Opinion: Abubakar Malami As The Problem With Nigeria – Odo Ijere



Do we need to switch on to Channels TV to watch Abubakar Malami’s vain rebuttals and white lies over an obviously botched attempt at resetting the Supreme Court?, to be convinced that this man is the real problem dogging the country.

No one needs more convincing that this man is the narcissist, the secessionist, the usurper, the hegemon, the butcher of Nigeria, the anarchist, the irredentist, the entire trouble with Nigeria’s unity.

Abubakar Malami is everything an Attorney General should never be. If he’s not taking on the south on behalf of his North, he’s protecting northern criminals while vilifying and prosecuting the southern mostly innocent suspects.

He recently went on media naming those he considered and tagged sponsors of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho, both southern freedom agitators while refusing to equally name sponsors of Boko Haram and insurgency in the North already made known by international media handles. He does not care what you think of him, not even to remember for once that he’s the Attorney General of the Nigeria nation.

I had watched him during the first term of President Buhari join in a case in court between Accord Party versus the National Assembly headed by Abubakar Saraki and which he equally instigated to force or foist a contrary order of election against an earlier legislation done by the National Assembly.

As unnecessary as that suit was, Malami appeared as one just there to prove how powerful he was. Order of election of which comes first between the President/National Assembly and the Governors/State Assemblies is purely the legislative prerogative of the National Assembly as stipulated by the constitution. But it has to change order forcibly because of Malami and his imprudence.

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Do we have to talk about the forceful rendition of former Chief Justice Onnoghen?, a judicial assault that singlehandedly stripped our Supreme Court naked till today?
The inability of the body of benchers and the bar to have fought back Abubakar Malami’s intrusiveness is the reason he came back with more judicial insurgency for more attacks today.

Removing Onnoghen without judicial permission should not have been allowed in the first place. No law or civil order in this whole wide world permitted such rape in a democracy. Nothing can now stop him from returning to carry out more abuse of the courts which he swore an oath to defend.

Mary Odili is the next in line to fall whether anyone likes it or not. Not even General Wike’s class acts can save this one. It’s one more political project that must be seen to it’s logical conclusion by the unrepentant narcissist.

This Attorney General appears so strange in all his class acts. Soon after voicing angst and treason against Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho, he came up with a mantra of political solution, which begs the question at what suddenly changed between him and the federal government he advises.

He fought the River State government on the issues of Vat charges but is today talking of a political solution. The equally vexed issues of shortchanging the State governments for a whopping sum of 139 million dollars using consultants in the Paris club reclaim also have the governors at his jugular. It’s equally waiting for a political solution.

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Literally, every judicial fight embarked by Malami is waiting for a political solution. So it appears that our Attorney General and Minister for Justice is now known for crass emotional intemperance while discharging the duties that has seen him wasting public resources chasing shadows in cases that merely require his wisdom elements and due diligent application of the rule of law as the number one law officer of the federation.

This article is not meant as a call for his voluntary resignation for clear inability to handle his job description, but to be seized of the fact that his duties as the number one law officer of the federation equally hands to him the levers of bringing about peaceful coexistence and advocate of justice for all the parts of this federation. I rest my case.
Odo There.

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By Kalu Odinakachi
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