Opinion: Audacity of paradigm power shift to Ohafia – Dave Uma

Rev Dan Imo

It’s a known fact that Ohafia/ Mben has been playing second fiddle & being subservient to smaller Communities within our zone since the return of democracy & party politics.

In all elective political contests, Ohafia has always lost. It’s no longer news that no Mben Son has ever occupied the Senate or Fed. House of Reps seats since 1999.

The only attempt made to vote in an Mben son ended quicker than it takes to spell the word “Supercalifragilistic” Ever since, Mben has become onlookers watching siren carrying vehicles blaring & escorts zoom past Mben to their destinations.


Are we going to maintain the same posture or stand akimbo and watch as other smaller communities snatch those positions once again? Are we putting our acts together as 2023 approaches? Or are we still fighting along party lines?
Soon all that will be a thing of the past if we take the right decisions now.

If we set our political differences & political leanings aside, we can produce a credible & popular candidate that would be standing on the Pinnacle as far as the Fed House of Reps is concerned.
That man is Rev. Daniel Imo (RDI)

RDI has that kind of measured testimonial/ credentials on ability, excellence, appropriateness & preparedness for the job as a member of house of Reps.

We have in RDI a leader who is visionary. A leader whose integrity is intact & unquestionable. Rev. Dan is humane & accountable to all..a man who is synonymous with resilience. RDI fights with indefatigable & aggressive spirit for the defenceless & the downthrowden.

When you meet a man who is knowledgeable & intelligent in many fields, you have met RDI. He is influencial & personable.

RDI is cosmopolitan as much as he is a grassroot person having grown up in Ohafia & have lived in the United States for over two decades.

We need a radical intervention to bid farewell to the status quo & neutralize impoverishment of the masses who have been pauperized, and the little resources meant for them plundered by our greedy politician.

Arochukwu/Ohafia constituency is a case study. Despite the Fed. Allocations that roll into our coffer every month, there is absolutely nothing to show as dividend of democracy.
The earlier we change our strategy, the better.

Let’s queue behind RDI for the good of Arochukwu/Ohafia Fed. constituency.


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By Comr Amos Kalu
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