Opinion: Hungry People Barely Make Good Leaders


By Uche Okwara Ezema

This assertion/Opnion describes the major problem in Abia politics and governance.

People without a known source of livelihood tend to pose harm to the society when elected into political offices.
They don’t have any other jobs or means of survival aside being politicians, and this is detrimental to the resources of the people when such persons are elected to carefully manage and represent the people.

People without good knowledge of management, profit and loss,risk and strategy, and all round business growth and investment, will always never make good leaders .
Abia is a state where 80% of her political office holders fall under the category of POLITICAL JOBBERS whose only source of income is politics , and such persons can barely diversify income to build better economy for the benefits of the masses.

This is why, well known radicals , without a defined source of income will eventually get to political offices and suddenly amass wealthy within a very short period of time and no one dares question HOW and WHY ??

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To liberate Abia, we need to stop electing people without known sources of livelihood, people without income and good knowledge of financial management, business , influence and no personality to defend.

Let’s politick without emotions, sentiments and favoritism. Lackluster representation is as a result of the RIGHT PEOPLE exempting themselves from political engagements.
Get your PVC, mobilize others to get theirs .

Let us choose for ourselves, GOOD LEADERS that will serve us ! ! and not those that’ll rule us !

People are usually scared of the truth because they don’t want their illusions to be destroyed .

Abia needs technocrats, successful entrepreneurs and good managers to help take her to greater heights.

The success story of Dr Uche Ogah was what endeared him to all in 2014/2015 , even though he came out in PDP, when he couldn’t, Alex Otti who was also very successful in his field, became the next option, but the evil continued because evil has children, in-laws and relatives.

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Now, we have our own successful people in the names of
Dr Ukpai Iro Ukpai
Barr Etigwe Uwa
Dr Chidia Maduekwe
Chief Kalu Ijeomah
Chief Uduma Olugu
Rev Daniel Imo
And few others yet to show interests but are independently successful.

Who at various capacities have excelled in their field of endeavor, LET US GIVE THEM THE NEEDED SUPPORT.

Hungry people can barely make good leaders.

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By Kalu Odinakachi
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