Opinion: Ohafia General Hospital As a Metaphor.. For The Living Or The Dead..

I had the privilege of taking a walk through Ohafia Gen. Hospital, Isiama, several times within the past few days. I saw a health facility which ordinarily should have been of immense value to the entire Ohafia community on its knees.

Aside the conspicuously written sign post, and an Ambulance stationed at the entrance of the hospital, there was nothing else to show that life exist within the premises.

But, does life really exist at Ohafia Gen. Hospital? The only functional department is the Mortuary which is known to be the best in the preservation of dead bodies. It could safely be said that OGH is the home for the dead.

If Ohafia General Hospital was for the living, the dilapidated structures should have been fixed, the perimeter fence would probably have been erected to separate the living from the dead. If actually the hospital by belonged to living, the premises that could pass for a zoological garden would at least have been cleared.

The roof housing the Mortuary, which supposedly yields the highest income is caving in. Even the dead are uncomfortable in the Mortuary. They can’t wait to be taken to their final resting places.

What has gone wrong with our leaders? Why are they so consumed by the pursuit of their selfish goals to the detriment of others. Could somebody tell us why our leaders do not give a hoot how their actions impact negatively on those whom they are meant to serve?

I have watched with furrowed curiosity, looked at those in authority with seering & sarcastic look & frowned at their ineptitude. I worry at those who keep defending them, giving inexcusable excuses for their non performance.

Everyone of them have adjusted to mediocrity as a result of their blindness & insensitivity to the rot that stinks to high heaven in our beloved State. What we have is a reversal of roles. We now cherish abomination. We celebrate mediocrity because it’s no longer perceived as failure. Our justice system no longer works, and the law no longer takes it course.

As 2023 approaches, those that have ruined the Abia State are warming up once again. It’s in our hands to stop them.

An Mben son can make the Ohafia Gen. Hospital back on its feet again..


By Amos Kalu

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