Opinion: Politics and the actual meaning of service to the people

Rev Dan Imo Foundation RDIF

One of the few men that has shown determination with a clear intent to take actions that will help to ameliorate the daily suffering of the Nigerian masses, especially Abians,  is Rev. Daniel Imo because, through his powerful advocacy, actions and deeds,  Rev Dan Imo Foundation (RDI), has been able to bring succour to the people through humanitarian efforts that space may not permit me to elucidate.

Though it has become a culture among politicians to start giving arms to voters close to every electioneering year, Rev. Dan Imo who has lived and done business in the Western world for years, precisely USA, believes that besides politicking to win an elective office, it is sacrosanct that the politician himself should lay a solid foundation that will serve as a pedestal upon which working and workable actions can be linked to and actualized.

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He is a businessman that always emphasised that the only way to lay the foundation for good governance which is a lifewire of services to the people is to build machinery, a vehicle that can easily carry your ideologies to fruition without much ado.

This was the inspiration behind Rev. Dan Imo Foundation to reach and serve the people.

The Foundation came in handy when in 2019, a Global pandemic struck and nocked humanity to corners of thin survival. It was easy for the Diasporans to reach out to home through ONO and RDIF that sent down a lot of palliatives to cushion the devastating effect of COVID-19 on the people, a true prove that when the right machineries are in place, making dividends of democracy reach people is easier, and service gains better meaning.

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Politics may exist for the continuation of civil society and development, but it is impossible to separate service as it is the tripod upon which politics stand and draw value from.

A politician must constantly strive to add value through service and always bear in mind that every power comes with great responsibility.

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By Amos Kalu
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