Opinion: RDI, A Rare Crystal – Beacon Of Hope

Rev Dan Imo RDI

As time draws nearer, with no sign of change, nor strength to keep moving forward as the journey became farther than ever expected, the people yearned greatly for the Midas touch to revive them from a sudden state of hypnosis, a crave for hope.

No doubt that they’ve been hallucinating for ages with no great understanding of what shall become of them, even as they were beleaguered by hunger, fear and sudden death which enslaved them to same masters that could trade them as slaves for a title in the society.
This was the state of the people, wandering about with no hope.

A sudden light shone through a rough edge of the tunnel, so bright and broad that all could see with great joy that with this brightness, WE CAN JOURNEY FURTHER WITH STRENGTH.

Triumphantly, the light bearer emerged out of the tunnel, exclaiming with a loud voice of total freedom, bringing far greater hope to all, saving the helpless, embracing all with Love, which rejuvenated their hopes as he engulfed them with his strength, feeding them with wisdom, drawn from his experiences gained through knowledge as he has journeyed much farther.

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Just as it was during Christ, many murmured, laughed and gossiped, but the further he approached with the DIVINE LIGHT, the brighter it was for all to see. Behold, a greater change caused by this light in the hands of one from the darkest tunnels with much faith and love, radiating from empathy as he is touched by the pleas and pains of All.
His light reflecting truth, sincerity, humility and zeal to unitedly lead the people out of darkness.
So asked many, how brave and courageous is this man??
Where has he come from?

Then echoed a loud response, behold the servant of God, in whose hands are truth and peace for the great redemption of my people.
Would gold lose its value if painted black?? NO… GOLD IS GOLD
Just as Christ came from Nazareth, a town never known for greatness, so did God choose his servant DANIEL, to bear this radiating light of change, ride on this horses of truth, even as he emerged from a rough tunnel.

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Yes, behold my servant DANIEL, through whom I shall bring the change as promised to you by them that made you murmur in disbelief. Hear him speak to you, see through the light of truth he shares with you, embrace him with the love he comes to you. For, out of nothing, shall I establish you a great nation as I’ve promised your fathers, even before this day……..

To be continued….

Okwara Uche Ezema ✍🏼

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By Kalu Odinakachi
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Amos Kalu
6 months ago

RDI is the best choice

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