Opinion: WHY DANIEL IMO? Part 1


Leadership is such a key determinant of the position of every society in all facets and standards of assessment. Proper inclussion of all members of the society in a well oriented manner, births adequate participation in the development of such society, and thus; repositioning a society for exploits and promoting good standards of living amongst residents of that geographical location.

Being a resident of America and also a dual citizen of Nigeria and America, Rev Daniel Imo got himself so acquainted with basic and contemporary modes of operations and exposed to enhanced standards of living which metamorphosised into his burning zeal with great will and commitment to effectively enact such standards, modes and situations in his society of birth. This zeal led Rev Daniel Imo into full time participation in the activities of OHAFIANS IN diaspora without any iota of regrets.

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As the Bible rightly quoted, ” When the righteous are in power, the people rejoice ” . Daniel Imo is a committed believer whose eagerness to serve God and humanity for good and the interest of God’s kingdom have made him devote his time to full time minstry, which through the help of the Holy Spirit, led to his ordination as a clergy of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.
As a Clergyman, Rev Daniel Imo served in various congregations and parishes, exhibiting the leadership skills imbibed in him through the FEAR OF GOD and RESPECT FOR HUMANITY and OBEDIENCE TO INSTRUCTION in core adherence to equity and rule of law under every society he found himself.
Rev Daniel Imo served as a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Arochukwu LGA, Ohafia LGA, Ebonyi State, Ibadan, and also in far away North. While at these places, he never stopped showing the main characteristics of a TRUE LEADER by meaningful relationship and inclussion of all members of his Congregation in the governance of the Church, without discrimination of any sort.

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In his words ” We must all work as if there is no need for Prayer, and we must all pray as if there is no need to work ” , the Philosophy got him fully engaged in all activities that tends to improve the livelihood and peaceful coexistence of those around him and far beyond.

Just like the biblical Daniel, Rev Daniel Imo came from the lion’s den where survival is mainly based of your ability to maintain strength, meekness and focus towards the goal. This has been his courage and characterized his boldness in life regardless of all obstacles, because he maintains positivity in all God proven possibilities.

Rev Dan Imo

Okwara Uche Ezema ✍🏼

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( Strategy, Planning and Implementation, Rev Daniel Imo Foundation)

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By Kalu Odinakachi
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