Orji Kalu Has More Roles to Play for Nigeria


By Izuoma Ibe
Political leadership is played and saddled by men and women of repute; individuals who have got what it takes to pan out representative leadership for their people. Political jobbers taking saddles of leadership do less for the society but feed well their cronies and ‘personal aides’. Let me state that Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu is one Nigerian born to play many roles in Nigeria’s political and economic firmament but has been stifled by successive governments in the country for his speaking out in issues and policies which are anti to the people and growth of the society.

It is not a good argument but an appreciable fact that Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has been facing unnatural political storms aimed at denting his political and economic visions for Nigeria. Every Nigerian have a role to play and should be allowed a level playing field to do so in order to bring Nigeria to its expected height but when we allow the growing Pull Him Down Syndrome (PHDS) to thrive in our polity, we become lessened in the face of international communities.

Nigeria’s former Military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) saw the bravery in Dr. Orji Kalu that he referenced him as that Nigerian budding leader who has a mission for Nigeria and would express such if given the chance. In his words, “I think he is very brave…he has a mission and if given the chance, I am sure he will fulfill that mission.” This is a recommendation coming from a supposed grand leader in Nigeria. He saw Nigeria’s tomorrow in Kalu which some young Nigeria politicians are not seeing as they are beclouded with politics of ‘what-they-can-get.’

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Before Gen. Babangida’s recommendation on Kalu was that of a former president, Shehu Shagari who also expressed his believe that Kalu would go to places provided he is granted the opportunity. In his words, “I believe that Kalu would go to places once the opportunity is there.” Why are these ‘just-comers’ in Nigeria politics not seeing what their fathers saw? We should know that what elders see while sitting, the child would never see while on an iroko. Being a known fact but we reject the truth.

I love the way Nigeria Senate President, Sen. Bukola Saraki put it, “I believe he has the ability to play many roles in the country (Nigeria)…I believe these are the kind of people that should continue to play leadership roles in the development of Nigeria.” Chief Barnabas Gemade also said as much; “We want to have many more like him (Kalu) in the various states of the federation.”

Nigeria politicians must allow the words of our heroes past to come to pass. We must not continue to shun our best formulas for try and errors. These political jobbers must not continue to keep us wallowing in the dark. Their machinations against the predictions and expressions of our national heroes in Kalu has been stifled by successive governments and their cohorts as they have been perpetrating acts directed at ensuring that the wish of the people to elect Kalu back to power to represent them. This is unfortunate!

Considering the words of our national heroes, formers presidents Babangida and Shagari, they insisted on chance and opportunity. They must have foreseen that such good deeds shall be arm twisted hence their insisted on phrases ‘…if given the chance’ and ‘…once the opportunity is there” We must all continue to encourage Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu to remain resolute in his quest to restore his mandate given to him by the people of Abia North to represent them at the senate of the federal republic and add to the voices of Nigerian law makers. It is talking too much harping on his sagacity in political leadership panning but we cannot play that to the foot. He is one giant Nigeria must not neglect. #InMyHumbleOpinion, Let’s all embrace the truth by accepting the fact that Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has more role to play in Nigeria.

-Izuoma Ibe is a sociologist and Writer. He writes from Port Harcourt via izuomaibe@gmail.com

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