PDP: Time for dusting the ills; harmonizing the Party Structure – Kalu

Dr Emeka Kalu

In the wake of August 3rd, 2021, the attention of the Peoples Democratic Party Coalition (PDP Coalition), was drawn to the unexpected resignation of seven national officers of the party and the call by the National Youth Leader, Ude Okoye, demanding the immediate resignation of Uche Secondus from his position as the National Chairman of the party.     

It still boggles my mind, the reason behind this uncalled-for rifts in the party when she is needed most by Nigerians as the only hope and platform for reviving the country.

It is very pathetic and disheartening to see our devoted deputy national officers resign their offices when the world is having a dim light hope of transformations in the government of this country following the lopsidedness of the present government.

On behalf of this umbrella body, I besiege all aggrieved members of the party to sheath their swords and allow peace a thriving chance to enable PDP to succeed in line with the greater expectations of Nigerians now and 2023. We all know that this party has a window platform for lodgement of complaints and grievances which was expected of the resigned officers to have approached for resolution than dropping their pen and papers and left just like that.

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On this note, we humbly ask that these officers be invited for an emergency meeting where their points of reservations would be heard, treated, resolved, and dusted. A period when the party has achieved excellence in separating the wheat from the chaffs, should not be when the key stakeholders of the National Working Committee are staging a walkout from the platform. This is not fair to the people who are trusting God for a better Nigeria in the hands of PDP come next dispensation.

Dialogue has the power to heal all grievances, and that is the only catalyst needed at this point for sake of posterity, especially, when the resignation was not borne out of personal selfishness meant to pollute the unity of the party.

It is pertinent, however, to note that even if it were a sponsored or a calculated ploy to destroy this robust party, the perpetrators had already goofed, for no mischief-making or schemes of distortion is capable of unbundling the solidarity of this party, rather it would catapult her to the next level of greater glory.

For one begins to imagine how sensible it sounds to the resignees that they deem their actions right at a time the party is expected to form strong alliances and formidable front to match action with APC in 2023; How reasonable it is in a period of gathering brooms to wipe out all the mess of the ruling APC from all nooks and crannies of the country, that viable members of the party began to leak the vomits of those on bad records meant for evacuation and cleansing?

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We, therefore, solidly stand behind the decisions of the PDP Governors Forum, State Party  Chairmen’s forum, stakeholders, and all party stalwarts on open door dialogue as we all know that our actions must not implicate us to let Nigerians see PDP  as having an internal crisis when there is no need for any.

Prince Uche Secondus in his leadership drive is tremendously doing well despite the challenges on the ground. It is time to encourage and give him maximum support than calling for resignation. All we need in this regard is a sense of unity by harmonizing the structure of the party and embracing peace. We must work not to allow our ambitions to ruin the glory of this Party, for our collective visions supersedes the individual interests of party members.

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In all, we thank all the members of the National Working Committee for their ardent commitment and wisdom in handling the pressing situation by calling for a reconciliation meeting for immediate attention and handlings. Knowing full well that our national convention preparations are in the pipeline, we ask that all hands must be on deck to ensure successful harmonization, fair deals, Peace, and unity in the party.


Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu – National Coordinator, PDP Coalition.

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By Comr Amos Kalu

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