Petals Of Integration: Azubogu Casing His Dear Anambra State

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By Pat Uchendu

Seeds are not necessarily fruits. Seeds give life to a plant which conversely gives us fruits and sustains the plant kingdom. He who eats his seed can not sit in the congregation of farmers. As the seed wades through the dark intricacies of the soil, ultimately it would produce petals from a balance between the nutrients in the soil and the photosynthesis from the sun. As the saying goes “A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.”

Traders/businessmen understand this principle and the wisdom that goes with it. They don’t eat their seeds, instead they sow and water them. Anambra State is the home of commerce, trading and business in general. And this analogy as a dialectic in political leadership is important. A government is seed, the petals are what that government does with ideas, institutions, resources both human and capital for growth and development. Only those who have vision for integrating the variables and maximising our potential can deliver.

Anambra State with 21 local governments and a landmass of 4,865 sq km is gifted with a spread of resources, but the challenges can mostly be addressed by leadership. Curiously Anambra State is the 10th in population size in Nigeria, but the 2nd in population density following Lagos, and interestingly, 2nd to the last in size after Lagos. These statistics mean so much considering that her people are considered the most active and mobile in business and commerce in Nigeria.

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In Anambra State where Eng Emeka Azubogu represents Nnewi North/South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency he sits atop the second largest with 42 polling wards and also the second largest in the country after Dunukofia, Njikoka and Aniocha Federal Constituency. It is therefore not surprising to note that Hon Chris Azubogu has been visiting areas in Anambra State, but his visits are not tea party.

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Unlike others he has been identifying the strengths and socio-economic potentials peculiar to each place and placing them, as it were, on a jig of integration for the industrial and commercial development of the State which are currently uncoordinated and deficient. Besides aggregating peculiar issues in these places he talks about deliberate effort, (note the word deliberate) to promote unified approach consistent with functions of government. He identifies and evaluates levels of authority in communities, looking at the high and low, designing a way to make them work together in harmony for better and sustainable impacts.






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