President Buhari: We’re struggling with debts

Mohammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday, appealed to Nigerians, especially the elite, to be fair in their criticism of his administration, noting that as a result of the scarce resources, the Federal Government had to struggle to pay debts.

President Buhari also said investing in road repairs and rebuilding, including revamping the rail and trying to get power going were also taking a toll on the government’s resources.

Speaking when he received in audience the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission, NCPC, Reverend Yakubu Pam, in Abuja, the President said the elite should consider what his administration met when it came on in 2015 and what has been achieved so far.

According to him, “Those criticizing the administration should be fair in terms of reflecting on where we were before we came, where we are now and what resources are available to us and what we have done with the limited resources.

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“We had to struggle to pay debts, investing in road repairs and rebuilding; to revamp the rail and try to get power. This is what I hope the elite when they want to criticize, will use to compare notes.”

North-East security

On the security situation, especially in the North-East, President Buhari remarked: “What was the situation when we came? Try and ask people from Borno or from Adamawa for that matter, and Yobe.

“What was the condition before we came and what is the condition now?

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“Still, there are problems in Borno and Yobe; there are occasional Boko Haram problems. But they know the difference because a lot of them moved out of their states and moved to Kaduna, Kano, and here (in Abuja).

“We were not spared of the attacks at a time. The government is doing its best and I hope that eventually, our best will be good enough,” Buhari added.

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